Feedback: Some Ideas to leverage what you've built


I must give you props for where you have brought the game with the recent DLC and updates. It’s really become a solid, and engaging experience, and you have produced a nice foundation (better when you get in MOD support :wink:) that seems like it has a LOT of possibilities. I know you already have a lot of plans, but I wanted to put down some of the thoughts I’ve been having FWIW.

That said, as you are evolving out your content I think you have some interesting opportunities to explore with your LoTA Content:

  1. The Factions should get gear, or hybrid gear development combining Ancient Materials with Faction Tech to flesh out the available options.

For example, New Jericho could use some love, so how about a tech and weapon system that combines their Launchers with Mutagenic Gas to create a Tier 3 Heavy Armor Mount.

  • How about combining the Living Crystals with the MG to create an accurate Laser Gatling cannon?
  • How about an Orichalcum Heavy Armor set?
  • Gas + Mutog = Firebreathing ability like a flamethrower?
  • Rebuke + Armadillo = Rebuke firing APC
  1. Vehicles and Mutogs: I know you have a lot of ideas and are planning a rework on them, but here are my 2 cents on them:
  • New Jericho vehicles NEED an armored Turret and Gun. I can pop the guns off Armadillos with two shots and they just run off the battlefield.

  • Vehicles and Mutogs don’t currently seem like they are worth 3 slots. I’m sure the updates you’re planning will address this in some way, but specifically for vehicles, I’d propose making them 3 slots to carry, 2 slots to drop, and require a pilot in order for them to have Action Points (Or an AI Pilot Tech/Module or something). That should also allow reloads if there is ammo on board, and an Autoloader could be another cool new tech.

  • One of our discussions sparked the thought that Mutogs should need to eat, either food, or maybe corpses on the battlefield. If they don’t eat they get hungry, and a hungry Mutog may be faster and more ferocious (like a Berserker with Bloodlust) with an increasing chance to frenzy and attack anything in sight.

  • How about adding Drones? Basically a 1 slot vehicle that can fly or drive, carry a weapon, or scout, or drop bombs, or maybe carry a targeting system that links to, say, an upgraded Hel II cannon with guided munitions. :smiling_imp: Tech Remote Control could make them even more interesting. Lots of good stuff.

  1. MOAR Mounts!
    Mounts are a great mechanic, but there are none for legs, none for Anu, Only Synedrion has anything for helmets, etc. You modeled an exoskeleton on the Technician leg armor, why not make that a mount and have it do something, like add 3 strength or increase carry weight capacity? Also Bionic or Mutation specific “Tier 3” mounts could also be cool.

  2. Ammo Variants for guns. I’d like to be able to load incendiary rounds in my Bulldog, or maybe Armor Piercing Rounds that make that Bulldog better than stock, but not as good as a Piranha. It provides more incremental progress, allows old gear you hand down to new troops to remain relevant, and gives further distinction between Ballistic and Energy weapons.You could also do Acid, Viral, stun, and Poison rounds that have diminished capacity over the bespoke weapons of those categories, but allow for more tactical flexibility.

For example a Hera does 7 Stun damage and 10 Physical damage, so a Cypher HG with a Stun clip would do like 3 stun and 50 damage. Not ideal for capture, but an option in a pinch. Of course that would require UI to select clip type when equipping and/or reloading, but still…

Anyway just wanted to get the thoughts down somewhere.

1&4. Has boggled my mind, that Heavy Weapons get little love as far as Upgrading goes. Would be nice to see Ancient Weapons that fit all classes. SMG, MG, Medium MG, Heavy MG & Turreted Vehicle Weapons added to the game. That would do away with the need to reload weapons on Vehicles, and damage balance has to be addressed if implemented.
2. Orichalcum Armor across the board? Light, Medium, Heavy & maybe even Mutog.
3. Gas/Acid Mutog? Make it a 6 Use thing, with reloads when they eat corpses?

By the way. The Mutog Eating what it killed, stunned me when I first saw it. Kudos to the devs for that one! :+1: :clap: :fist_right: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :fist_left: