Balance Feedback and some quality of life things - Spoiler at the end

Here comes some changes on the balance of the game that could come in handy and some quality of life things.

See weapon health during tatical gameplay;
See how much stealth factor your soldiers have and if possible where you can walk before the enemy spooting you;
See how much bonus accuracy from armor/mutations, to be possible to choose wise your loadout;
Inventory for vehicles;
Reduce space for mutog to 2 and buff some of his armor and damage;
Reduce rage burst to 4 shoots, and cost to 4 willpoints;
Quick aim don’t grant more accuracy, maybe even reduce accuracy by 10~ 20 %;
Mind control 2 AP cost;
Mind Crush 2 AP cost reduce willpoint cost reduced to 5;
Induce panic 1 AP cost or 2 AP;
Make a threshold to stealth of 75%;
Chiron explosive abdomen, reduce damage to half but increase explosion radius by 25%;
Last boss, remake his abilities in a way that you don’t require a special ability to survive his encounter, and change is power to more of controlling his minions to like empower then, like health, accuracy, mobility boost.

It’s sort of features I’m inclined to want too, except that my experience is it tends make Stealth too OP, even with real time

I think Quick Aim will become pointless for most snipers, but useful for Heavy close range.

Wait how I’ll manage worms and disable enemies RF? Common. :slight_smile:

Firstly stop try use them as vehicles, I’m discovering and there’s so many types that I won’t comment yet. But clearly they aren’t designed to be used as scout as vehicles can be used.

I quoted one Mutog eating worms without losing AP. But I failed understand fully how it works, and now it is dead, yeah bad scouts. :slight_smile:

Perhaps 80%.

I think precision would need a threshold too, I have a sniper the reticle is a dot, sigh.

I’d suggest learn manage them first and then no way you’ll request larger AOE. Base is top cover like a roof, or high cover between soldier and Chiron.