New Ideas and Mod them

I just wanted to dig deeper at modding the game and I made some way over it. Even you can’t add anything, you can edit many things. I start to make a mod with the ideas of my own and the ones I liked them here. I will update here as I add more.

  • Vehicles take 1 space at air crafts and got more ammo. My point is, to have 1 vehicle slot at every plane with one less soldier. This can make some missions easier but as people can make them already easier with vehicle go in-out style, I don’t think it won’t change anything. Vehicles are still weak. Having a mutog would be cool. I don’t have one. I will mod mutogs totally when I have one to test.

  • All damage bonuses/penalties, except sniper and shotgun/melee one, taken away from secondary perks like strongman, trooper. I erased damage related things and added slightly better acc bonus. Acc bonus work different then damage at this game. Cautious and reckless does not have anything about damage but they give %15 acc bonus now. They are same. As I can’t add extra things, I did not have much options.

  • Pistols got 3 shot per TP with total 1.5x damage bonus then default. As pistols do not have a special skill at any class and there are very few variations, I just wanted to have useful at last for snipers and when 1 arm disabled. AN handgun got 2 shot and stun pistol is same with 1 shot.

  • Assault rifles got 3 shot burst for 1 TP and got little damage/acc buf. This changed many things. Assaults are much more mobile, they can shoot more. They are way cool.

  • Shotguns got 1 TP less projectile shots with little buf damage. Same for assault rifles, need more testing.

  • Machineguns got more bullets per burst but less ammo per magazine and got a acc buf. Deceptor is fine with this. Low ammo limits RB too. I plan to make them 2 TP too with less burst.

  • Heavy armor acc penalties erased, added some to head to cut the need of cloth. With the machinegun update, you just don’t use 3 bash. You still use bash but when needed, as it should be. Hel 2 can shoot things but still can easily miss.

As I do not have any ANU items at my game, I did not edit ANU special weapons.

First of all, I do not think what happens to the terminators with this changes. I do not care. My biggest reason is to make the single classes fine as they are with their own armor and weapons.

With this changes, some weapons are more usefull and a little more powerful. BUT do not forget that you did not get any damage bonuses from 2. perks so you don’t need them to be powerful. I tried to balance those and make the game more fun and faster. As the enemy uses mostly same weapons as us, they became a good threat too especially assault rifle users. NJ heavies can harm you now too.

After some game play, I still think the armors are low all over the game. If you do not have a 35+ heavy armor, all other gear are same armor wise. 2 bullet from an assault rifle can easily cripple your soldier. I got more plans about those as time passes.

NOT: If someone knows how to edit texts in this game please tell me. I edit the perks but the text is same so I don’t publish the mod as it is.


like the idea of 3 round burst for pistols :wink:

One of the biggest problem is, the classes do not have enough skills for weapons. Sniper rifle got quickshot, grenade launchers got boom, heavy weapons got RB but it’s very late, very limited use, very powerful. Other weapons got nothing. Pistols and PWD’s are there just for sake of being there. AR’s and shotguns are bad as alone. Melee is useless or OP.
You try to find different skills from other classes. So I don’t want the second class but 1-2 skills from it. Then why don’t we have a pool of skills to choose after some level rather then choosing a whole class…
I will handle them all… nnıhahahha…

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btw, Anu Handgun - maybe it would be better as a minishotgun… single shot but with multiple projectiles…

Constructive Critique Ahead

  1. Has been talked about near endlessly. If you look at the pictures of the aircraft, you can see External Mounts Designed to Carry Vehicles. That would justify the 1 Slot Space you mention. But does not take the Weight of the Vehicle into account. Mutogs IMO are overrated Attack Dogs. Oh sure they’re great at breaking stuff, and opening lanes of fire in the Destructible Terrain. But I haven’t found much use, given that they too, take up 3 spaces, and you cannot ride/mount soldiers on them as a fast transport.

  2. I whole heartedly appreciate that fix. However, Critical Thinking says that Reckless should have a Negative Accuracy & Damage Deficit, instead of a Bonus.
    (CLARIFICATION) Reckless should have a Speed Bonus to show the recklessness of dashing in, where Angels fear to tread. This is why I suggest a Negative Acc. & the Damage Deficit is from a Larger Chance to miss, due to not taking time to properly Aim as you would have with Cautious trait.

  3. At the least, a Double Tap for Pistols is warranted. 3 Shot Bursts, would put them in the SMG category of weapons. Good catch that one is.

  4. Agreed on the 3 Round Burst costing 1 AP & Accuracy bonus. But not the Damage. Which does not make sense in any world, Fantasy, or Real. Note: The 3 Round Burst, is something that has been a Feature of RL Combat Rifles for years, and only improves rounds on target. Not the Damage of each round.

  5. I’d rather see an Increase in the Over Watch range, for Rifles, the Autocannon, Machineguns, and especially Sniper Rifles.

  6. See 5 above. Heavy Machineguns are a Spray and Pray weapon, and the Accuracy Cone for them is fine. As with Sniper Rifles on Over Watch, it’s the range that sucks.

  7. I can see a Movement Penalty for the initial Heavy Armor. But no Movement and Accuracy Bonus, until later in game with Bionics, and/or Power Armor. However, and IMHO, that Hell-2 should have a splash damage of 50% over 1 tile.

  8. Anu weapons are so-so to OP, IMO, and should be looked at in depth. But … Since the Synedron Crossbows are Semi-Auto loading, or Pump Action Weapons, its Clip could use a few more bolts in it. :wink:

I’ll add in, that it would be great to have at least 2 soldiers come with each Base Activation as a much needed Mod. :open_mouth: Given the mechanics of activating a Base, you have to wonder where all the little Robots went, when you enter it. As well as Who the heck is Reparing & Constructing rooms in them?

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As I tried to delete all the “damage buf comes from skill” logic and I can’t add anything to the code, there was not much choice. Being reckless won’t make your bullet hurt more :).

Damage buf is just for the numbers. I added about 5-10 damage per bullet. The logic behind this, the game is balanced with the 2. random perks. So without those perks damage bufs, the default weapons are bad. Burst weapons suffer this so much. So I made that damage buf permanent at weapon stats.

As I said the range calculation is different. You don’t just write number. You write the Spread Degrees. I did not find anything about OW yet. But for shotguns, I prefer them very close contact weapons.

Making hell cannon not aoe is a crime from devs of old xcom… I don’t know what they were thinking.

More complex mods will need some more code reading and probably mod tools.

problem with Reckless is that if you only put penalties there, nobody would ever select it for 25SP…

And regarding OW range, its not based on weapon, but on soldier perception range…

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No no… of course nobody would take it. Now it’s same as Cautious and they both gives 15% acc bonus.

And yeah perception make sense. thx for info.

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no idea if its possible, but i would add speed bonus to reckless instead…

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You can only edit parameters if there is already coded. If I could add things, I would already start to an overhaul. P-Division!


Nice changes, @drages! Keep posting what you find out :slight_smile:

I specially liked the changes to AR’s and removing the damage bonuses from perks.

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TYVM for the feedback folks!
I edited Reckless to include a Speed bonus
(CLARIFICATION) Reckless should have a Speed Bonus to show the recklessness of dashing in, where Angels fear to tread. This is why I suggest a Negative Acc. & the Damage Deficit is from a Larger Chance to miss, due to not taking time to properly Aim as you would have with Cautious trait.

What? How? Can you tell me how did you do that?

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How I edited my comments? Click the Pencil :pencil2: Icon. The one next to the Chain Link :chains: :wink:

No I mean how did you add speed to reckless as modding the game.

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The question should not so much be How, as it should be Why?* Consider the definition of a Reckless Person. One who dashes in without regard to personal safety. In the military, we called it many things. Mostly a Suicide Complex. But other times, it was a Hero Complex, looking for medals, and accolades, without thinking of the consequences of their action before hand

If you don’t want to tell, just say so. You don’t need to try to be funny.

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It seems we have a Language/Communication barrier here. :frowning: I have not modded anything, in Phoenix Point. What I wrote were suggestions on what I would like to see a Mod, or Dev make to the game.

I do not see the humor you claim I tried interjecting in my response to your, *Can you tell me how did you add speed to reckless … ? Would you point out what you thought was funny?

At a modding topic, when you write this, it means you modded the game, Reckless to include a Speed bonus.

I asked you again to clarify what I mean, I asked you how you mod the game like this and you answer,

You could say that it’s not about modding when I asked you how you did that as modding at least. I though you are just joking with me… anyway. It’s clear now.

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Or it simply means he edited his post.
To clarify, I also misunderstand this and thought about a little joke with the following answer.

Clear case of a chain of misunderstandings.

And somewhat funny at the end :rofl: (sorry, but at least from my point of view as an interested reader)

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