Vehicles need serious rework!

so first off, im not super far into game im at like 25% on that death bar. so correct me if im wrong

  1. i can send 8 ppl per engagement but the manticore can only carry 6, (idk if other factions have ships with 8 carry) but i would have to send TWO manticores to only send 8 ppl per mission, having ships that can send 8ppl in one ship would be nice

  2. mentioned elsewhere too but the ground vechiles doesnt scale well, aside from resisting mindcontrol, not being able to adjust the vechiles, either mods or upgrades is sad. as having a armidillo against a scylla is useless, and the scarb’s armor is pretty bad. and i dont think you can ride the matalog (the anu beast)

  3. someone also mentioned having peep holes for the soliders inside vhecile to shoot out of, maybe or could be too op, but its also something that seems cool.

1 - the anu flying vehicle can store 8 peoples.
2 - Biological anu (again) terestrial vehicles are really decent, while hardly enough to compensate the fact they take 3 slots, they have decent HP, insane hp regen and ok armor. Their damages are ok, and they don’t rely on amunation, so it’s not a “5 shot per mission” anymore.
3 - yep, right now it’s barely a transportation but an assault perk do better.

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thanks for the anu ship idea, that is odd since the ships dont have any differences, so it was odd to me why they were different in carry capacity.

ill have to get farther with anu then. appreicate your advice

All factions have different stats, some are faster with less than 6 slots, some, like anu, carry 8 people at 4km range but at a lower speed than the phoenix base aircraft ^^
I think you can see the different ships in the ingame phoenixpedia but i’m not 100% sure that they appear here if you haven’t unlocked the ship yet.

Note that you can, if you aren’t an anu friend, just steal a ship, just have to go on an anu ship when you see they have a ship docked ;p

Maybe vehicles would be better utilized for base defense. Create a few Mutogs/Scarabs?whatever and just leave them in the base.

just had my first base defense and i really miss the xcom’s auto turrent ship defnese battle. i just dont get how the base has zero detection or warning.

I also made the mistake of trying to ally with everyone and thus i dont feel comfortable stealing from ppl . i also spread myself hella thin rushing to get Phoenxi bases asap as the game suggested you do lol and so i dont have enough to rush over and defend, im feeling after first patch to start a new game

i initrially tried to befriend all on my first gameplay but it ended up a reallu complicated task. Even if you end up putting two around 75%, the last one will barely go over 20% cause random event try to make you ennemi with one at least, as it seem.

Regardless, factions themself will go at war regardless what you do cause each time you help one, the other dislike you a bit, and the third dislike the defended one a lot more. At 2 - 3 month into the game, 3 factions fight eachother on my game and i have to either try to defend all (witch is almost impossible i have 5 havens to defend pretty much constantly) or abandon a faction, maybe two on the longrun.

Faction Aircrafts.
Syrendion 5 soldiers and maybe the fastest,
P.Point takes 6 fast.
NJ takes 7 but slower then PP, but maybe better range.
Anu takes 8, but slowest but best range.

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thank you all for info, how does everyone know all this, is this from the game or is there a guide i can view?

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No I saved and took one of each ship, some info i got from another post like this. So not all my credit.

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