From Russia whith love

first of all I want to thank you for this great game. i really like it and you did a great job!
sorry my poor English, its not easy to me, but ill try to help you make PP better to my opinion! The main problem is balance-new patch dissapoint me. I thought my point of view would show you a different side of the game.

  1. dash is great ability if it use only willpoints, but it make crossbilds are too strong. main goal of it shoot twice from better position. now, lowlevel troopers are weak . if you need nerf it limit the number of uses (maybe 1 use per round increases movement for 100% ore 2 use 50%)
  2. enemies are too tough and too many. maybe reduce the number on easy level will be a good idea
  3. armored carriers are not good enough to replace 3 soldiers. i think, itis a good idea to make a special place in aircraft for vehicle. ex: thunderbird 6 troopers and 2 armadillo. Tiamat 8 troopers and 1vehicle
  4. Mutogs were usуless. now useless and expensive. You cant hide troopers inside, low armor, spend AP to get closer for strike. I see two ways to check it a) make “cannon fodder”-decrease HP, cost to 300 and spaceuse in aircraft from 3 to 2 (or1) b) increases armor to 30-60, melee attack use 1 AP (cost 600)
  5. Now, there’s no reason to use melee weapon instead of a shotgun. a)melee weapon use for 1AP, and you spend AP to closer anemy.( artrons pincers use only 1AP ) b) redouble melee weapon and effect
    I hope my review will be useful. thank you for your work

1&2 agree but I have more negative comment about last batch of nerf.

3, there’s already multiple long threads on that topic, my opinion is it’s minor and not worth the time, but the point is still valid. I even noticed bash with melee was doing less damages, sigh total non sense design, but I don’t think melee got much thought, and I don’t think it worth it, melee with shooting is never that great.