multiple training facility

if I build two training devices in one base, double the training speed of the soldiers?

Yes, and if you build 3, x3, and so on and so forth

I think it is a bug and I hope it will be fixed.
No way 9 women can give a birth to one child in one month even working together =\

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No it’s not, and it is an essential mechanic in the game, actually, because untrained recruits are useless. So you should get a dedicated PP base running intense training program ASAP with 4-5 training facilities.

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Care to give me any explanations how having a second classroom may help you study twice as fast?

From my experience conventional 3 EXP/hour (with New Jeriho buff) lets your novice sodiers progress to reasonable lvl 3 in a short time. After that they can join missions together with their older teammates and progress from mission EXP as well.


Well, nobody said they were classrooms. Imagine something matrixy if you must :wink:

The point is that as a game mechanic I think it works really well, particularly if you are not into savescumming.

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Or imagine that each training facility is a VR simulator focused on a specific weapon or item usage training. More facilities mean that more training can be done. Seriously through, as VOLAND said, it is a game mechanic that works very well.

Care to give me any explanations how having a second classroom may help you study twice as fast?

It’s a fantasy world - get over it! :slight_smile:

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It’s in fact very simple.
Assume that you have a have 4 students and 1 class room, with a space for single student (because it’s a VR simulation room). So every day, each student can attend for 6h of training. If you build two VR rooms, you can sign up for 12h session, so double gain.
you’re welcome!


However the training centers in this game have unlimited space for students. Their training speed is the same in case of 1 or 20 soldiers in the base, it is a constant 2 EXP/hour per soldier.

I prefer “It’s a fantasy world” explanation by MikeCC! :wink:

you asked for classroom explanation so I gave you that :wink:
but I agree. in real strategy we should build more medical centres etc…

Maybe not a bug, but stupid as hell, and is not essential mechanic. I hope they will fix it.

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Invest in research facilities, research faster. Invest in manufacturing, build stuff faster.
Invest in training, train faster.

What exactly is stupid about this and why does is it need fixing?

And, again, if you are not loading the game every time you lose a high level soldier, a dedicated training base is a must.

Well, to each their own I guess.
I do load each time I loose a soldier and I only build one training facility per base.

The more people with different playstyle can enjoy the game - the more support it gets. Which I hope will result in more future content =)

Yes, absolutely.

BTW, I used to play like that until Firaxis XCom, loading every time I lost a soldier I liked. But it taught me that you can still win losing whole squads and that there is more fun and drama in that, so since then I play all strategy-tactics games with high tolerance for losses.

You’ll cry if you don’t have working training centers and the game is the same.

You complain on realism, but the gameplay value need training facilities as they are. And in fact it increase management complexity because you can’t build many training facilities in many bases.

Some more points for you to complain:

  • Equipment instant teleport from planes to base to planes.
  • Scavenged items are automagically instantly available at base.
  • Trade items are automagically instantly available at base.
  • Recruits are instantly teleport to a base.
  • Medical surgery, repair broken arms, legs and even torso, is instant on Battlefield.
  • Lairs instant spawn from nothing.
  • Soldiers get shoot that would have kill them already 100 times, or at least disable them for any combat.
  • A whole team team can move and shoot in front of an army of aliens watching stupidly.
  • Many more.

Because single soldier can’t learn faster no matter how many training centers are in the world. This is logic breaking. Unless we operate some cyborg soldiers whose AI can accommodate more information in any given time with more information input from all training facilities. Humans can’t do that.

And all those things should be fixed. There is no explanation why something works outside of some basic rules of logic.

What you mean by that? Maybe they gestate and are nonoperational until reaching maturity under the mist protection. Until then they are not detectable.

This is some basic rule of each game that units have some durability. Instant kills would decrease fun from gameplay in almost any game. That is why some games offer few “lives” or great “HP pool”. And this is tolerated since when games were made. No need to create realism in this matter.

If you try to put a substance of turn base games in the realism bag then well… :slight_smile: Have a good day sir.

Sure… and if you try make a truly realist video game that is fun to play, then well… Have a good day sir.

Gameplay first, realism second, learn it if you want setup a career in video games design. :slight_smile:

Let take it in another ways, do you want a list of all realism absurdities in JA2 or new XCOM1&2?

EDIT: Shooters are a good example, totally unrealistic, and Arma is no way the solution, not sure anyway that real soldiers would agree it is really realistic anyway.

Just look at 1994 X-COM. It had all those realistic things and game was great. So your argument is not valid.

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Original XCOM is realist? I have doubts it’s more you didn’t seek all realism incoherencies. Never played it much so I can’t argue on it.