PSA: Training facilities grant a PP Skill Point per-day


Just posting this here so people know. After a quick discussion on reddit I dug into the code and dumped some info. It turns out training facilities produce one faction skill point per-day. This is huge for making your A team elite and powerful.

I couldn’t see anywhere the game actually informs you of this. It could really do with a resource indicator like materials/tech/food.

Info Dump
 Name: E_Experience [TrainingFacility_PhoenixFacilityDef]
 Soldier XP: 2
 Skill Points: 1

It informs you in the Build Description when you hover over it in the Bases Screen.
From my memory, it grants each Squaddie 2 Skill Points/day, which in my opinion is massively OP.
As things stand, you’re better off leaving your Recruits in-base and not taking them on missions because they progress faster that way than actually learning in the field, which is just plain wrong!

No you misunderstand. It grants soldiers 2XP per-hour which it shows.
However it also grants you a faction wide skill point per-day, which it doesn’t show.
This gives you another avenue of advancing soldiers who have hit max rank.



Oh, ok, I did misunderstand you.
Interesting… but still OP in my opinion.

Oh definitely. Just more so than people may realise.

I don’t know why ppl keep saying training facilities are OP. Not like your soldiers level up to level 900 or something. If you build 5 training facilities you should definitely be noticing it … this is not a firaxis build-one-and-be-done-with-it thing. It’s an actual strategy layer (which obviously needs improvement but still).

Given the difficulty of the game (outside of obvious cheese tactics that need balancing) there is nothing wrong with how training facilities work.

Yes, given that. Maybe those 2 xp per hour are ok if you NEED those 7th level soldiers. But allowing one building in your base to fully train your soldiers just like they were combat proofed is bad logic and design.

One of the building does not do that unless you need like a year ingame time ? :wink:
Also, in real life too you will send your troops pretty much fully trained out there. If you let them train on the battle field you already lost, so tell me more about logic.

Also if you take away powerful tools like that you have to scale down the overall game difficulty as well (again, given you actually balance absurd things like Sniper/Heavy and 100% stealth squads).

You need 49 days to do that.

But this is not a Diablo or World of Warcraft where full fun begins at max level. :wink:

I have to and want to. :slight_smile:

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Yes exactly, it is not. It’s not some level grinder where you kill mobs for ever increasing XP and moa skills. That’s not what this game is about.

You still get some rewards even at max level thanks to PP skill pool.

I don’t get what your point is. I don’t oppose making progress on battlefield or suggest that soldiers should fight endlessly to gain maximum level. I just say that single training building should not allow for something like reaching max level in quick manner.

Yes this game is (should be) about tense atmosphere and increasing danger during missions where you rear about your rookies (along with your experienced soldiers). Quick training buildings strip that game from this theme about rookies.

Sorry bro, but, I honestly have no clues about what you mean by Faction Skill point.
Could you please clarify it for me? Baby-like because I may have completely lost this info/resource/point system, please.

Thanks in advance! :wink:

He means the shared “Phoenix Point” skill point pool that your soldiers can pull from in addition to their personal skill points gained from levelling up.

Ohh, like Thief, weapons proficiency and shit?

Thanks bro

Skills are purchased using:

soldiers skill points - available to a given soldier only granted on a level up.

And Phoenix Point skill points - a pool you can spend on any of your soldiers: that means buying additional skills even if the soldier reached level 7.

Training center on top of granting XP, gives PP points.

Ohh, I finally got it. Didn’t notice those PP points going crazy high, and I have like 6 Training buildings in one base. So each of them give you one more point a day, apparently, huh?

Any ideas if that stacks? Thinking about having one of my bases full of training centers lolz
Thx for explanation guys

yup, it stacks.