BB5 Training Facility suggestions

Hi everyone,

what do you think about the training facility? Do you use it? Is it useful or just waste of mats and space?

I can say, I’m no big fan of it in its current state. Yes if you have a a lot of soldiers you can’t get with your missions to level up it can be useful. But lets see, the facility cost 500 Mats, most soldiers cost about 200-400 mats each, so you have to spend a lot of ressources before it can be useful.

My idea is, give the training facility another ability. The soldiers have empty spaces in their skilltree, sometimes you just get a bunch of crap and sometimes not. Why not enableing the soldiers to unlock free places in the skilltree with random ones.

Second idea, give the soldiers “Soldier XP” over the maximum of level 7, so you are able to max. out the stats. Of course, it has to be balanced, so maybe 2-5 XP per weak or so (no feeling for time in PP).

Third idea, doulbe the amout of “Phoenix XP” you get from missions. You can spend them on your soldiers at level 7 to get better.

What do you think? Other ideas?

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Use the facility to spawn fresh level 1 recruits?

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Also a nice idea.

I like the idea, but where would they come from ?

Not spawn, but able to recruit from factions.

We all know factions provide us with recruits, and it’s bothersome to hire them.
This building could brovide UI for searching and hiring recruits, so it won’t be requried to search all this stuff manually in global map.

In the other hand, I believe it’s user expirience and should be provided as default without additional buildings.

So training facility looks quite useless for me at this point. Overall all “passive” resource/expirience productions feels boring and not fun - what’s the point to hire soldier and send him sit on the base for some time?

I believe training facility could be used to research some special perks, so they could be learned by soldiers later. For example at first you will have only some perks, and training facility will allow you to learn more NEW stuff. Overall it could be named in this case like Tactic Lab or smth like this to better suit it’s destination.

Phoenix Point of course.

Great idea!

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I wasn’t aware that phoenix base had people like a haven (except for engineers, researchers, logistics that you can’t reassign just like that)

Supply and demand.

You provide a training facility that allows people to train up in order to be able to fight back against the Pandora virus, people will then turn up to use it.

You could add a mechanic whereby the player is allowed to select between untrained recruits that they want to accept into the facility - maybe allowing you to see their first couple of levels of perks.

You could also have a mechanic that means the longer the recruit stays in the facility the more perks will be revealed, and you’d have the possibility to ditch them from the facility if they were starting to look sub-optimal.

Of course then, you’d have to start over again with a new recruit…

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There should be a nursery room, where PP soldiers can be assigned to make babies, and there can be accelerated growth so they can be sent to a battle more quickly.

Or just a cloning facility.

Actually scratch that, I would be fine with training facility spawning new soldier out of a thin air.