Year one edition - Training center / efficient way to get SP for additional agents


I just finished my first game but after they changeg training centers (the last time I played was a year ago shortly after release) I don´t know how to raise a second squad efficiently.

In the end I had 3 squads, but getting SP for my second and third squad wasn´t easy.

Do training centers grant SP after level 7 ?

I played on hero difficulty.

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Yeah, the character progression system changed completely. For detailed explanation and data, here:

In brief: Training Facilities give XPs. When you gain sufficient XP, you level up, unlock skill(s) for that level and get 20 SP to improve attributes and acquire abilities. There are 7 levels, so you can gain up to 140 SP that way just through the training centers. But it’s too little to make a well-rounded operative: you need more SP. You get those by going on missions; any operative going on a mission gets a number of SP depending on difficulty level(10 on Rookie, 5 on Legend) (they also get XP to level up).

Bottomline: you have to give your operatives field experience, you can’t just raise them in the stables.

Personally, I prefer mixed teams, instead of going with A, B, C, D teams.

Another thing: you can now recruit soldiers of higher level at havens. The more time passes, the more likely that higher level recruits will spawn.


I see.

Thank you for your explaination.

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There are 7 levels, so you can gain up to 140 SP that way just through the training centers.

That means you can gain 120 SP as you level 6 times.

You get some general SP which I would suggest you save for use on your later recruits as the first ones get plenty of their own. The Ancient Weapons quests also give a decent chunk of phoenix point SP, presumably to address this issue.

I have also got the converse problem - level 5/6 in my A team who struggle to get a share of the XP the level 7s steal so they will probably go back to training for a little while to get to catch up. This is a reason I do not like mixed teams so much - the levelling of the lower ones is slowed though as I say you can compensate.

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You are right, of course :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe that was done to address complaints that you gained nothing from doing LOTA content until you could manufacture the weapons.

Actually, late game I think the best you can do is hire higher level recruits from Havens.

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This is right and its a bother. Besides being cheap, base recruits are great because you can see their perks and thus you may want that soldier just to experiment with a build. However after some point in game you won’t have this chance anymore, because since we have a doomsday clock there just isn’t enough time to build up that guy anymore.

I see 2 ways to help in this:
1 - Simply let we see haven soldiers perks.
2 - Training centers could give a small amount of SP, NOT scalable with the number of training centers. It would still be slow enough that you would need to take them into missions to advance them quickly.

About option 2… what do you guys think if it was like:

“The amount of time it takes for one soldier to go from lvl1 to lvl7 using only one Training Center is the amount of time it would take to get enough SP for all the skills of a single class + 1-3 perks, depending on difficulty”.

Thus, during this time, the soldier would receive from 30 SP on legendary (150 total needed for skills - 120 gained from lvl ups), 55 SP on hero (30 + 25 for one perk), 80 SP on veteran (30 + 50 for two perks) and 105 on rookie (30 + 75 for three perks). Of course, this extra SP could be spent on the second class skills or attributes instead of perks or the original class.

It’s tweakable, though. I’ll use veteran values since that’s what I play. 80 SP is the equivalent of 8 missions but you would receive it slowly, because it would not scale with the number of TCs. I don’t know how much SP a soldier gains per mission on other difficulties, so instead of a flat +25 (during this amount of time, because the player could choose to keep the soldier in the TC and thus he would keep gaining SPs in the same rate) per difficulty it could be a different number. The main objective is to give a bit of SPs with training so that trained soldiers do not hit a wall of advancement while not making it abusable and also scaling with difficulty.

All this, of course, if there are no plans for a training revamp that’s been asked a lot.

What about the huge general pool of skill points that is acquired from each mission? This can add up to to many hundreds of points that can be spent on soldiers who have trained in a facility. Or do you spend theses on your soldiers who go into missions?

I generally use the pool for units in the training facility.

I think the easiest solution is to have the recruits from base to come at different levels, just like recruits from havens. So the more time passes, the more likely you are to get a higher level recruit.

I’m not even sure if what I’m asking for here is a feature request or more like a bug fix :slightly_smiling_face:

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Usually I reserve them for my 3rd squad (never had a 4th), using just a few points in squads 1 and 2 when a soldier has an upgrade that I want and only 1 or 2 SP is missing.

Derp. Much simpler than what I proposed!

I’d suggest removing sp scaling by difficulty and instead adding couple of researches that increase sp gain both from levelup and missions, or only missions - that would be fine too imo. You will unlock these researches at different stages of progression, so your late squads gonna be easier to level.

I only play legend now, you get 5 sp per mission on legend and it feels like ok amount for your 1st team, it could be set as base value.

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I think that it is made to better suit the lore. People in havens have their unique training courses and facilities, so they become better fighters as time passes. However the random survivors coming to Phoenix Point as recruits have none of this, so they are at lvl 1 and bring no equipment.

But of course your suggestion would be nice for gameplay. Being able to get high level soldiers is very important at the later stages of the game.


TBH, I think this feature just wasn’t ever fully implemented. For example, all recruits on all difficulties come with the stats of Legend recruits (unless this has changed in Polaris?); to recruit at a base was supposed to require access lift, but it actually doesn’t…

I think it would create massive problems for new players because they will have too few SP, and will not know how to unlock the new researches. Conversely, experienced players will unlock them too fast and complain about how they are again flooded with SP. (OK, I for one would definitely complain :slightly_smiling_face:)

This is not longer the case for recruits from PP base, this has been fixed, but rescued soldiers still come with Legendary stats.

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