Multiple labs + factory

Does it make sense to have more then one factory / lab? I read in the manual, that the effect stacks. But is this so with more then 2 units?

Yes, it is stackable.
Important: build 5 or more Training Centers in ONE Base so that your soldiers gain exp fast in that base

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The returns diminish with each one. Second one increases research/production 100%, third 50%, fourth 33%, fifth 25%, and so on. You’re still at 500% of the original speed by five but your build to build time gains will get smaller.

Also no matter how many you have you can still only build or research one item at a time.

Mmm so production time is divided by number of factories? Gee I didn’t noticed, lol. I thought it was dinimishing return, but nope. :slight_smile:

The returns do diminish with each one as listed. For your X investment of whatever resources you only gain a fraction off the build/research time you did for the same X investment to build the last lab/factory.

It’s not really diminishing returns, as in the amount you gain doesn’t decrease with each one build. Each factory or lab gives a flat +X boost, so while the total % increase does go down (4 -> 8 = 100% gain, 16 -> 20 = 25% gain) they’re not actually becoming less efficient to build. Each additional lab/factory gives the same bonus for the same cost.

Your assumption is that to not have diminishing returns each one built should increase by the same % (e.g. 4 -> 8 = 100% gain, and 16 -> 32 = 100% gain). That’s not “normal”, that’s an exponential gain - each additional lab/factory would give 2x as much bonus as the last for the same cost.

Diminishing returns would be if each one built gave less of a bonus (e.g. 4 -> 8, 8 -> 11, 11 -> 13, etc) but cost the same, either bottoming out at some minimum gain per build or eventually giving no additional bonus at all per new build.

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I’d argue it’s effectively the same thing. For a ten day build the second factory knocks five days off the time while the third only takes off three for the same resource investment. I’m not OCD enough to calculate out how many you can build before you’re dropping hundreds of resources and days of build time to knock five minutes off though. It remains however that at some point they aren’t worth it.

Each new factory doesn’t contribute less to production time decrease, that’s why it’s not really diminishing return.

Compare n to n+1 which is what all players can see easily is looking like diminishing return because n increase. But yeah 99 and 100 are close when 1 and 2 there’s a huge boost.

Again it’s effectively the same thing. It’s a tomāto/tamäto situation. With a ten day build the second knocks off 5 days the tenth 2hrs 40m. They may contribute the same toward production but the actual practical benefit from that contribution in a non mass production environment decreases with each new facility.

It’s only arguing on word, this isn’t classic diminishing return. Otherwise yes, +1 is diminishing return but as for everything.

For the time it take to build a manticore with one factory:

  • with 2 factories you can build 2 manticores
  • with 3 factories you can build 3 manticores
  • with 4 factories you can build 4 manticores

So from a production perspective, there is no diminishing return.

What makes you think so, is the fact that when you compare times they follow an harmonic average:

  • 2 factories => 1/2 the time => gain 50%
  • 3 factories => 1/3 the time => further gain of 16.7%
  • 4 factories => 1/4 the time => further gain of 8.3%
  • 5 factories => 1/5 the time => further gain of 5%

So 2nd factory is a huge boost, but afterwards it’s really just up to you to decide if you have heavy production needs.

Yeah, with ten factories you can build ten manticores in the same amount of time you can build one with one factory but you never need to build ten in a row. There are no heavy production needs. In a one off production scenario there’s no practical difference.

Good way to clue it’s no diminishing return.

Could be a language issue, but I think percentage gain is the numbers listed by Vipre, 1 to 2 is a 100% gain.

The planes was just one example to make it clear, period where you constantly build something follow the same logic.

I don’t think either that 5 factories is in any way needed.

Myself I start build a second factory if I don’t get a second fast from a base, but I don’t think I go further, 3rd form one base and 4rth later from another base is fine. Yeah 5 factories is fine too but there’s no necessity.

It’s not really coming from the diminishing time build speed for one item, but from general needs.

Yes, not a “gain” but a “decrease”.

I see what you mean, but it’s even worse as you don’t list in reversed order which would be weird.

1 to 2 is 100% increase, 2 to 1 is 50% decrease, but your list is 1 to 2 to 3. :slight_smile:

50% decrease in tme

Mmm I don’t see, but let close it.