Does doubling the number of facilites double the effect? Also, how many people can live on a base?

For instance, if I have two Training Facilities will my soldiers gain four Experience Points per hour instead of just two? And likewise Living Quarters and Medical Bays?

Also I’m assuming (which may be dangerous) that since the benefits of these facilities applies even if the soldiers are still on the aircraft, and I can have a max of two aircraft at a time at a base, I therefore can have all the soldiers on those two planes get the benefits plus all the people at a base not on aircraft, right?

Which brings me to my other question. How many people can be on a base and NOT in an airplane? I’ve put ten in one base (not on aircraft) and that base had only one Living Quarters. So is there no limit?

Thanks for any responses!

training facilities, research labs, manufacturing facilities etc all stack

As to the rest of the questions, I am unsure

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Med bays and quarters stack, too.

I don’t know how it works if you overload a base with guys via aircraft. I presume they will miss out on benefits due to lacking sleeping quarters.

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