Missing backer build email

Hi, so I just wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue with not having received their key for the backer build? Also, I’ve had deluxe ed. since 20th.

We are still 8 hours away from the backer build release. You can see a countdown in https://phoenixpoint.info/

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would someone please post here when email received? Just that I know if “only” I have a problem, or is it a “global” problem/e-mail not sent yet.

It is now 8 minutes past and no e-mail yet, not in Junk e-mail folder either. I know, I am not good at waiting:-P


I miss the key too. I’ll wait 1 hour and than I’ll open a ticket

Same here, no email yet, you have to be patient :wink:


It is around midnight where their studio is. I’m personally thinking it might not get sent out until the morning. But I’ll be staying up a bit to see.

No e-mail here yet. Give them time, as I’m assuming they have a lot to prepare and many many many e-mails to send! (hopefully!) I’ll give them some hours before contacting them :wink:

I was under the impression that the studio is based in Bulgaria (so 10 am for them, 12am for pst). Besides, Xsolla is distributing the links so it would be them you should be basing the time estimate on. Am I wrong?

In Twitter they have said “Please look to your inboxes!” and the count-down is past due, so I think they have sent them out…

Going by their website,

Snapshot Games Inc.
8271 Melrose Ave #107
Los Angeles, CA 90046

But that could just be a mailing address?

Twitter says “Sofia, Bulgaria”

wikipedia says it is being developed in Bulgaria (but it could be wrong)

Keys are rather sent automatically, I doubt anyone is needed to be there :wink:

Maybe the keys are sent slower, so the servers hosting backer’s build don’t crash :smiley:

yeah that was my thought too.

That would make a lot of sense to me :slight_smile:

No email, no key!

It would be rather interesting to see whether someone has at all.

Following Twitter tweet and this thread, I see no confirmations from anyone getting the email.

They also say in tweet that “We’re currently experiencing some technical issues with the Linux and Mac builds, but are working to have them with you as soon as possible. We apologise for this slight delay.”
I hope that does not mean that the PC-version is not getting the emails either…

No emails… so much for the most disappointing wait ever… I was literally watching the timer countdown and refreshing my email

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PC version here… no emails… its an excuse

one of those quandaries where if they received the key, they wouldn’t come here. I have yet to receive it either btw.

sad that i can’t post more comments (new user) so i’m going to the discord chat