Did not get backers build 3

i did not get my backers build 3

if you go to your email account and find either one of the emails for your receipt, or for Backer Builds 1, 2 or 3, and click on the green download the game links, or your transaction details, it will take you to the page to download the backer build.

This only works for the Digital deluxe version or higher

I also did not get backer build 3, and I dont have the origional emails any more. I still have one of the older builds installed and it runs, looks like build 2. I cant seem to find any obvious way to contact anyone about it.

I’d sugget getting in contact with xsolla then at help.xsolla.com

Also, add xsolla.com to your trusted senders list in email. My first email came through fine, but the second one got spam filtered. Wouldn’t hurt to do so. Although with the launcher in bb3, the emails may not be necessary. You can also try checking download history for bb2, I believe it’s the same address for the new on, so you may be able to grab it that way.