Played Backer Build no activation code for final version

As in the title i acquired the backer build from Xolla but didnt get the code to download and activate the final version of the game

As i read in another post i sent an email to with transaction number and activation code of the beta, no answer

Snapshot has my correct email because i received the game news, last one was raise from the ashes at the end of november, but no email with activation code to download the game.

on Nov 29th you’ll have been sent the key in an email from If you didn’t redeem the key, another email will have been sent out Dec 2nd I believe. Check you’re spam/trash/promotions folders. If you still cannot find it, send the email again

Double checked even the trash mailbox looking for email from Snapshotgames, found nothing around 29-11 and 3-12

I have resent my email

Resent the email with Xsolla data 3 days ago, no code and not even an answer to my email saying WHY IN THE FLICK they are not sending me the code or WHERE have they sent it

50 Euros wont make me richer or poorer but i’m startin to get pissed and for sure i wont spend them again

you should have received a response by now. have you rechecked your spam/trash/promotions folders for the response?

I have no spam folder in my mailer, filtering is done server level, but i see no reason for receiving your advertising ’ It’s Time to Rise from the Ashes ’ and not the activation code that is coming from the same address: i.e. Phoenix Point Team

I have another email address but i dont feel very like to use it in a public environment, i use it for work and a few friends; i can send you it only if you promise to use it just for sending the code and not to put it in your database