What happens to my copy?

I am new here and I dont know if this was addressed in any thread I am not aware of.
So I bought Phoenix Point already a couple of months ago.
Now that the game is going to the epic store do I need to be aware of something?
What will happen when the game launches?
Do I get access to it via the Epic Game Store or do I get send an Email where I can download it like I could with the previous alpha versions too?

Thanks for helping and being patient!

you will be sent an email with a redemption key for a copy on the Epic Store. If you pre-ordered the game before March 12th of this year you will also get an email with a key for the game on Steam/GoG when it releases there one year later.

If you pre-ordered a version that contains the backer builds you’ll have already been sent a key for the backer builds through the Epic Store

Hey, thanks for the reply.
I think I purchased the backer builds as I searched all my emails and all I found was an old one from 30.04.2018 that saids Backer Build One is Out in 24 hours…

Can someone tell me on which date this Email from epic should have been sent? I dont find any in my inbox…but on the other hand there is so much spam in it idk mabye I already got it 8(

the email will be from contact@snapshotgames.com as apposed to Xsolla. It was sent on March 27th the title was “Your key for Backer Build 4”

Checking Spam/Trash is a good idea. if the email account is a gmail account, check under promotions. if the email account is different from the one associated with your method of payment, check there.

Thanks a lot. I wouldnt have found it otherwise! Thunderbird is horrible when using the search function :wink:

I did a couple of searches and I found out I own the “Luxury Digital Edition”.
And I also found the Backer Build 4 key now.

Will I be able to redeem this key a year later also on steam or gog or will I be stuck on epic after initiating this?
Sorry If I might be complicating it…

I think that key for Backers Build is different from key for final release. So overall you will receive 3 keys:

  • for BB (on Epic - to clarify any misunderstaning)
  • for final version on Epic
  • for final version + DLCs on Steam (or GOG)

Like Yokes said you will get a key for steam/Gog a year later as well as a key for the final game on Epic in addition to the backer build key.

You are free to do what you want with the keys.

If you redeem the backer build key you will need to close the Epic launcher in the system tray and reopen it to clear a bug that prevents your library from updating with the backer build

:edit: since you are one of the people that pre-ordered before March 12th, your copy of the game on epic also includes the dlc. You are going to want to read this thread to know everything you are getting

Clarifications on what we are offering to backers of Phoenix Point - Phoenix Point - Snapshot Games Forums

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Ok, it seems like I only received the BB key but not the final version on Epic.
Anyone knows when this key should have been sent!?
Trying to search my emails…

last week you’ll have been sent an email from contact@snapshotgames.com check in your spam/tash/promotions folders. If you cannot find it, send an email to contact@snapshotgames.com and include your transaction ID

Checked my email in very directory and spam. nothing!
But nvm I contacted Snapshot Games directly and they sent me one immediately. Very nice from them.