Backer Build 3 Delivery

We understand that some people have not yet received their Backer Build 3 email. Emails are sent in waves and can take several hours. Please confirm that the emails haven’t been moved to your spam folders and contact Xsolla at

The download issues for Backer Build 3 now appear to have been resolved. The links in your email should take you to the latest version.

I will keep this post updated as more information comes in.

Last updated: Monday 12th 20:38 UTC


I have not received a new email link yet, but the old link does work and points to the correct build now, so if people are missing their new download link if you still have the old one in your emails try that, it should work for you.

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I hate to be a nuisance, but CAN Xsolla deliver on anything these days? every time, every launch for every product there is one issue or the other.
E-mails take long to be sent, links don’t work, no bandwidth…aaaand aaaand aaand.
I mean come on, isn’t this their core business?
I’m not a fan of Steam, but they certainly improved a lot over the past years, almost 0 issues on Release Day

btw, still didn’t get the e-mail, I take it gmail is not one of the top MTA xsolla sends e-mail to, therefore they didn’t actually take the necessary two minutes to read this:

i never received a mail be xsolla for any baker build i always have to complain and then i get it a few days after.

all good now try old link then you have to download phoenix point luncher then login with your steam account and then you can download a game 3218Mb downloading time is long currently 1565kb/s

It worked!!! You will be my totem for this week

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Hey any Idea where I can find the link for the old build? I’ve tried searching my gmail account for Phoenix and xsolla but all I can are my receipt and irrelevant emails. Thanks.

The email should have come from

Thanks a load. And yes it works. I have the launcher installed however in the log in section it asks for my email and password. It won’t reset password. In fact xsolla doesn’t recognise p************ as my email even though they sent the email to me in the first place. Logging in through steam doesn’t seem to work either…any advice!? Cheers

You won’t have an account unless you create one. So you either need to create an Xsolla account from the launcher, or you can verify with Steam, Discord, Google, Facebook or Windows Live by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Sorted, ignore, It’s downloading as we speak. Thanks again.

Received the Xsolla Backer Build 3 email but it has no download links, simply a blank email.


I used my original link from BB2 to get the launcher!

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same. any resolution?

Anyone with email issues (either not receiving them or getting blank ones), should contact Xsolla via

Okay, so it’s distributed through Xsolla, but I can log in with Steam, does that mean it’ll eventually be accessible through Steam? Or what’s the entire point of the Steam login thing?

Because man, if we could have just, y’know, been passed a Steam key and bypassed the entire Xsolla mess, I’m gonna be a bit annoyed. Because actually accessing it through Xsolla feels stupidly circuitous and like I have to redo every step two times because parts time out in between others being executed to validate them, etc.

Because the games isn’t being sold on the Steam storefront, Steam limits the number of keys that can be given out to 1000, which is not enough for a backer build, let alone all of them.

But again, then, why even involve Steam at all? I just don’t get why it’s being made more complicated than it has to be.

Steam isn’t involved. Neither is Google or Facebook or Discord or Windows Live. They are all just services which many people have accounts for which can be used to log into other systems.

As King’s Rook pointed out, Valve only allow 1000 keys if you’re not on their storefront, so we have to go through the launcher for now.