Major Bug not address yet

Good Day,

I still did not see a major bug fix. (Show Stopper for me) I reported F12 many time. My issue is that after completion of a mission some of my equipment in base shut down IE: med bay containement and hangar. So because I need to capture thing to progress well I’m Stuck because my containement power off all the time. Can you Fix that please

For now power down anything extra so that you’re at 20 power or below with the med bay and containment active. That should stop them from powering down.

I think they thought this was fixed in the latest patch. But perhaps not.

Supposedly it was fixed already in the last patch (I haven’t played personally since then):

Patch Notes 1.0.55225 “Miskatonic” 31/1/2020

  • Fixed an issue where loading a game with the bonus power research caused the player’s facilities to power down

probably reverted that bug fix for some reason

When I had the bug, I did as Vipre suggest, I reorganized a bit the bases and ensured all was using max 20 energy, and shut down hat was needing and eventually didi some more build in other base to compensate.

Think you’ll remind turn them on, is a bit an illusion, at leas for me. :slight_smile:

Holy shit they seriously need to get their shit together … if it’s not too late already …