“Derleth” patch bugs Updated!

ok I have just finished a campaign here’s my list of bugs found some new some old.

PDW Enforcer not shedding armour, breaking windows or shooting barrels.

Containment Facility showing as empty after reloading can still research but not harvest.

Soldiers not keep their colours when moved from vehicle to base or vice versa.

Nest F.O.W not uncovering what can clearly been seen.

A Pure unit used demolition state ran into rock hill, got trapped no way to move or fire had to restart map. also happens on the salvage map with the junk metal hill in the middle.

ODI not reversing from random encounters or destroying colonies (not sure about the colonies one as I have never seen it move for that).

Mist reppeller module not replenishing will points.

End Turn not ending properly when all units are in standby still have access to troops skills, I got my heavy to reload weapon after I pressed yes to end turn and the start of the pandoran turn. happens every time if game has to calculate bleeding/poison/acid damage.

Byzantium and Project Vulture now work but icons on objectives and world do not go away after missions

Can confirm this fully. Fog of war doesn`t disappear anymore.


yes the fog of war does not get removed when a unit moves to new area they stay in the dark, a second unit uncovers the fog to find out the first unit is a few tiles way from a enemy unit

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@UnstableVoltage Another bug, or at least I think not intended behaviour:

  • while haven is under attack, you can trade through trade screen, while trading in haven screen is not possible (btw I know now it switch to trade screen instead of doing trading, but still it is not possible to go to trade screen from haven screen). Disable trading via trade screen during attack on haven.

Also happen to my playthrough a few times. The nest FOW is annoying but the pure unit trapped in stone is game-breaking. I tried to shoot and bombard the rock hill but it wasn’t working so I had to restart as well.

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updated the list

Are you sure your soldier wasn’t immune to mind control?

Maybe your soldier have good stealth value?

If point blank stealth doesn’t matter, because all units detectable at 5 tiles or less.

Could it be that he had the bionic legs that don’t trigger overwatch?

never mind lol mindfraggers and overwatch is working, not sure what happened should of tested with a rockie. still not sure about the sirens they like using the scream more than mind control.

I think it’s akin to when one opts to launch a grenade. If the Siren senses that it can psychic scream more units in one blast, they go for it. However, it’s usually the opposite for me, they want to mind control before anything. Well other than dishing out frenzy at the end of their turn (instead of the first move of the AI).

you are probably right, the AI don’t have many options when I got heavy/assault with the cybernetic head that stops mind control (can’t remember its name) chasing it. just strange that I haven’t seen one try mind controlling my other troops and its getting late in the game with this latest Derleth campaign (now doing Hero difficulty)

I am unsure if this was around pre-DLC. Minor bug.

You can get 2 shots from a Mounted Fury - 2 Rocket Launcher in one turn.

A Heavy using Boom Blast, eats up all APs, then reloads (since reloading the Fury launcher is free with boomblast).

After reloading, if an Assault use Rally Troops, the Heavy can fire the Fury launcher again.

ALSO. Can anyone else confirm whether the ODI doesn’t decrease? I was wondering why it’s at 15% in my current campaign, and that with having fought 3 Defense missions and destroyed a Nest and a Lair.

About that I can’t confirm, I don’t use Rally , just a few times, never taking advantage for Fury missiles.

Playing 7 days Legend campaign, I never saw ODI decreasing, in fact after destroying lairs or citadels, it freezes for a moment, then going up

…awesome :confused:

This seems like a rather big deal, Snapshot :smiley:

Any chance of a hot fix for the ODI?!

I haven’t played Legend level, but all other levels. But the ODI, can and does go down if all of the ducks are in line. But then I’ve only seen a drop of 1 and a rare 2. If the Pandorans are active anywhere (attacking or building bases) the ODI doesn’t change, or could even go up a tick. I’ve done 2 citadels back to back and it doesn’t change, though at times it does.

UnstableVoltage posted:

We’ve got future changes coming to the ODI system, the enemy difficulty and Pandoran teach/evolution - though these are a little further out.


Clearing bases does actually reduce the ODI.

The current issue is that the ODI level is displayed as a percentage, but internally it’s a much larger number. Let’s say 0-10,000 as an example.

Clearing a base reduces the ODI, but sometimes not by enough for it to be visible as a whole percent on the ODI meter. So while you may not see the meter going down, you’re certainly reducing it and slowing the progress.

We are looking at changing this to make it more transparent, along with rebalancing the ODI reduction from clearing bases.]

And this is what the team is planning regarding ODI https://phoenixpoint.canny.io/feedback/p/replace-odi-with-survival-of-humanity

Thank you! That’s a bit of a relief, thinking the ODI to be malfunctioning was really putting a damper on my desire to play.

Still, one wonders. I had actually come here to post that after a succesful Haven defence mission, ODI had remained at 15%.

While actually failing it (I was testing some possible fixes for other bugs I reported) brought the ODI up to 16%.

That sounds like the weights are stacked a bit too much on only one side.

As in, if I win the ODI goes down by X, while if I lose the ODI goes up by 10 X (placeholder numbers, you get the idea)

I am playing on Heroic.

edited: We can scratch that out as a bug, I think.

After one defense mission and squashing a Citadel, the ODI went down by 1%.

Hooraaay, science! :slight_smile:

Also (old bug that still lives):
If you are controlling an NPC and saves, then loads, the (or they) NPC is bugged and will cause the game to crash.

This is only true if you have the bionic head stopping them, it WILL work normally if you don’t have that! That is why I put these heads on ALL my men, I really don’t like the mind control part and this solves the issue nicely, it is NOT a but, look carefully…

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I accidentally deleted this and now it will not let me put it back it wants to wait for 24 hours? What is that? I just wanted to alter it a little and made a mistake! Anyway I will see if this is enough of a change to make it let me put it back…

UnstableVoltage wrote:

“…We are looking at changing this to make it more transparent, along with rebalancing the ODI reduction from clearing bases.]…”

Just read your explanation on the link! HOWEVER…This is forcing one style of play here… have you thought about that? I selectively save havens, but sometimes chose not to. I prefer the missions and other tactics. I save havens when pandora attack so I can find the base. I quite often leave internal wars alone. I see these changes as forcing me to play a certain way and it sounds like it is increasing the difficulty as well which is already to high! So no I really don’t see this as an answer… You said… “Pandoran attacks on Havens will be increasingly deadly.” well you better make a bigger map! Because I got dropped in a map the size of a postage stamp right next to a scallar (the big mumma), two acid launchers, 4 sirons and a host of other nasties (I can never remember how to spell the names) but the point being if you intend to make it harder (and I REALLY wish you wouldn’t) then there needs to be room to move!

Also some good points were raised in that link… When a base is taken by another faction it should not be destroyed but overtaken as it is about expanding the empire right! Also the very fact that factions fight each other is crazy considering they are ALL fighting the pando’s. So it is not self serving to reduce your populations of humans! Like your base, you need to be able to “retake it” from whoever took it. they are hard enough to find already and if you lose a well placed one it is almost game over or at the very least makes it really, really annoying! On that note I have noticed that recently their is NO WARNING before some base attacks? This has happened quite a lot recently, it just starts and usually at the base you have ONE member there because the recruitment process put it there and you have not been been able to get around to moving it to the right base, which also needs to be fixed…:slight_smile: Just like you get to chose your aircraft location give this action to the recruits as well… it is only makes sense, why would you drop someone in an abandoned damaged base which has not been activated yet?


just come across a few more bugs, I know there is a patch coming.

when soldier is moving to a lower level if he see’s a hostile, the soldier take’s falling damage.

neutral haven mission (something alchemist) instant fail mission after landing video.