Power bug still there with Miskatonic Patch + Hotfix

Title says it all. I have done the power research from Synedrion.
My main base has 30 power output but 3 buildings above 20 are automatically deactivated.
I tested it with latest patch,i manually reactivated the 3 buildings, saved my game, exited to main menu, reloaded my save and the buildings are deactivated again…
I have several bases, only my main base really need more than 20 power.
Reported with F12, dont know if someone else here got the same issue.

The same for me.

Yes seeing the same here

rollback patch please

Since i am not the only one, is this bug got fixed for someone ? Or do i need to restart a campaign in case the fix does not work for saved games ?

Got this flaw too. In my case… it’s still affecting MedicBay & TrainingCenter of my primary Base. Annoying but fixable i’m sure.

There is a mod that fixes it on Nexus :slight_smile:

The mod is not available (as of the 15th of Feb.) as the modder has marked it as “need to be updated”.

Moderator can someone please fix the “complete” tag for this bug in the Feedback site?

Yeah, can confirm. I still have it installed but as of the last patch it no work no more.