[BUG]'s - Energy Issue


  1. Recently stole “NUCLEAR” Tech from Synedrion
  2. Energy should provide */30
  3. Go to base and turn on a bunch of items (still under 30 max)
  4. Run mission (two different missions caused error), come out and a bunch of items in the base are mysteriously turned off.


  1. Containment facility is on with plenty of power - enter mission to capture multiple enemies needed for research (Standard Scavengin mission). When mission ends, does not show paralyzed creatures as captured and containment facility (and a couple other facilities) offline.

Cannot keep facilities online no matter what I do (despite having plenty of energy).

This is my second playthrough (just reporting to ensure you understand that I have captured/contained/harvested etc. in other playthroughs).

yup, it’s a known issue. Also, the best way to report bugs is to use the in game F12 bug reporter

Thanks. I looked in the known bugs area and didn’t see it. Is there a work around?

build a second generator or power everything up after every battle

Thanks. I appreciate the feedback. Do you (or the devs) know if this is related to the Tech specifically being stolen or something else? I’ll need to demolish something and build more energy - not a big deal, but was curious if it would always see me as having 30 energy but really only having 20.

My supposition was that the bonus for the tech was being applied after the game checks if there is enough power. This has since been confirmed by one of the modders.

I put together an unofficial patch/mod that fixes this issue if you’re interested.

speaking of the modder who confirmed it

Thanks. It feels strange that a mod can do what a bug fix should do. I’ll download and install the mod.

I think the dev team just has different priorities. There were a lot of crash and hang fixes in the patch notes, plus the entire microsoft store thing, plus the fact that a lot of the dev team are going to be away for christmas.

Edit: I also have a load of other fixes and QOL improvements on the nexus.
There were more patches, but some of them were made obsolete by the official patch on monday.

I’m just saying…they should hire you. :wink:

Also - your mods are great. Basically fix most of my major annoyances with the game. Really appreciate what you are doing.