Stuck in geoscape halfloaded

I was just barely win a ambush mission and when the game reload the geoscape it let me on a view of the planet with a active cursor but no hud and enable to do anything. The game autosave

my game right there. Each time I reload my save game it always bring me directly at the point

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it is a known issue. That said, please report it with F12 anyways. It gives the QA Team a better look at the data

I dint know for the f12 thanks !

you’re welcome. Most players don’t know about the bug reporter, so I’m trying to spread it around

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I have exactly same issue. But i dont know how to send bugreport, because i dont have F12 on my macbook keyboard. Its pretty critical, i cant finish the game)

I don’t have a mac to test this on, but can’t you use the on-screen software keyboard in the OS to press “F12”? (Also, since I don’t know which macbook version you have I couldn’t be more specific - sorry!)

ok, thanks, i dealt with it, report sent. I hope it will be possible to continue game without starting from beginning.

This bug is still not fixed in last update. Sad(