Legacy of the Ancients: Details

I would keep my expectation modest. It is still a DLC, which means it needs to be more or less self contained system. It’s optional content afterall, so it can’t be integrated to deeply.

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Tell that to Paradox.
Specifically the Stellaris team.

That said, I doubt an airgame would change much in the game to begin with, even if it was a basegame update.

I think snapshot plans the game with every dlc included. So even they are optional, if you like the game, you just would give some dollars more to buy everything. You just can’t balance or plan a game with so many dlc if you don’t have all together.
I think it will take much more then you think. This is something huge to add a game like this just to be a minor part. It’s not worth for effort. Even it looks mirror when it released, later patches and dlcs would support it more.

I suppose if DLC3 will be about aerial combat as general, then free patch will include such combat to the game, and DLC will just enchance such feature. Otherwise I can’t see game to be done with aerial combat when DLC is enabled, and without it when disabled. :slight_smile: But will ask about that in community council.

I hope the macOS version isn’t delayed compared to Windows. But I understand why if it is. :crossed_fingers:

Already 11hrs into the 26th in my time zone… tick tock. :yum:

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You bring up a good point. When during the 26th might we see the DLC download start? Anyone remember when it was for the first DLC?

so is legacy of the ancients actually out?

I’ve got the season pass and in the Epic launcher it shows LotA as owned - but when I launch and go to start a new game I can’t enable LotA and it says it is ‘coming soon’

Welcome to the forum Gunner! Apparently it isn’t out yet. Maybe our community rep has some estimate.

I would assume something like 4 pm GMT will be the case. So like in 9 hours from now.

timer at the top

They removed timer in quick fashion, or I just don’t have one. :smiley:

There isn’t enough information to inform a purchase at the moment. What are the new weapons and enemies?

The impression this is giving is that there are a few special missions that contain two new enemies, but these are not integrated with Pandora battles.

I’d be disappointed if there isn’t something to shake up the triton/Athron gameplay of the early game.

I took this screenshot five minutes ago. The timer is in some kind of a pop-up banner, so possibly some browsers might block it. I’m using Firefox + Adblocker, at least it’s showing for me with that combo.

10:45:00 until the release of Legacy of the Ancients

Technically that means the 27th August for me… :sweat_smile:

I’d be very disappointed if it’s all a series of missions isolated from the main campaign.

I expect the DLC to flesh out the main campaign and not a few lineal history missions encapsulated.

I don’t expect this so basic. As everyone wants that tech, probably if pandorans gets it, they will have new mutations or more complex things. We will see.

You will be dissapointed then. This is DLC after all. It can’t be so substantial to ending of the game, as it is not “pay to win” option. It looks like all DLC will be side missions, optional to do, if player want to enchance their experience, but not fundamental to the game. Unfortunately.

Then indeed I’ll probably be disappointed…

And you’re statement arises more concerns for the next DLC “Festering Skies”.

This kind of linear history missions normally have zero replayability and become boring very fast.

But time will tell.

I’m a backer since the Fig campaign so the DLC is free and I’ll try a new campaign. Hopefully, it exceeds my expectations.

That’s why I am generally more on favour one pricey expansion, rather then multiple DLC. That allows Devs to dig deeper into “insides” of the game and make new content part of the overall experience.

With XCOM2 I don’t think the DLC properly “clicked” until their were better integrated with WotC expansion. Still DLC1 was pretty nice and hopefully the next DLCs will have some neat stuff as well.

For example the Festering Skies could add danger for our transport ships - and give us air force of our to counter them. I find leaving base a bit too stress free right now. having to expand our air superiority to explore further might be a nice addition , without compromising base game experience.

I hope that devs have similar ideas as you. :wink: Council have not seen yet anything related to next DLC. So I can’t say I’m excited or not. There was one alien concept (not real model), but I’m not sure it is related do Festering Skies.