What is the current DLC roadmap?

I’ve been taking a long break from the game, until DLC comes out. Legacy of the Ancients was originally planned for April (2-3 months ago). What is the current projected schedule?

Probably August

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Planned for August. Snapshot is currently working on this:

Cthulhu" Update - July 2020

  • Add Pandoran research system and tech tree
  • Revise Pandoran Mutation System in accordance with new research
  • Re-balance difficulty
  • Completely rework Oneiric Delirium Index
  • Add Haven/Human population survival objective
  • Improved base defense and option not to defend
  • Revise exploration and Phoenix Base discovery system
  • Numerous bug fixes

They’re not working on the DLC at all?

That has to be a general bug-fixes and patches plan, right? They must be working on the DLC they sold.

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Basically, they have said in the past that there are 2 teams. One working on improving the current game and the other working on the DLC. It does appear the one, currently has more weight over the other. Add in the current world health situation and one can understand the delays on both.


Yeah, I figured that’s why it was delayed. Definitely understandable. I just hope they’re working on it. I stopped playing before the pandemic started, expecting DLC to be out soon, then I saw the “Danforth” update and thought I must have missed it, so I reinstalled . . . only to discover the DLC is still TBD. I’d just like an estimate so I can mark my calendar for when to check again.

DLCs never had an official release dates. The one mentioned by you was just an artwork with example date, but nothing official, then it was removed. But I assure you they are working on DLC, and not only this one but also next one.

Never was an official date. Eh . . . best not to use that line. The devs won’t get away with that one without angering buyers. If there was never any intention of meeting the proposed dates, that’s worse than delays. I’m just saying.

According to an email they sent out about a week ago a new patch Cthulhu should come it July, focusing on overhauling some systems on strategic layer like Doom-meter, Alien research and as well as map exploration. DLC2 was said to be released in August.


hard to blame company that their arwork artist put some dates on the pictures

I would also hazard to guess that the latest Unreal update put a spanner in the works.

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Unreal, as if Unreal Engine? Phoenix Point uses Unity.

I bad, I always confuse the two. I stand corrected, but I understand that it was updated and I’m sure changes in the game are required.

EDIT: here’s the info


Please don’t speak for all us buyers. I made my investment very early on, back when they were emailing updates. I am not angry in the least and anyone who is should find another hobby. And the devs aren’t “getting away” with anything. I am pleased with the progress and would much rather wait for a better product than to rush to release crap. I’m still waiting for the first game of the 1000s of dollars of games I’ve spent in the last 40 years that was released on time without flaws. It is just part of the process. Just sayin’.


It was already said but in case you want to hear it from Snapshot:

We are working on a few patches at the same time. One of the updates we are already working on for quite a long time is the DLC2 Legacy of the Ancients. We expect it to be released in August.

Before the DLC2 there will be 2 more patches this month: The first one should be this week and will update Phoenix Point to a newer version of the Unity Engine and fix bugs. Later this month there will be a Cthulhu update.


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