Legacy of the ancients installed, what update today 10-09-20?

I have Legacy of the ancients installed and have started a new game.

Ive turned on my machine tonight and its updating, how do i find out what the update is?
is it just a patch?

sorry for a really stupid question!

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Look here, yesterday there was an update, but they posted it in the general discussion subforum:


thank you. Where do i find these patch notes in the future so i don’t bother anyone with this question!

Normally here in the Phoenix Point subforum pinned on top (see the Chtulhu Patchnotes), but the actual one they have posted in “General Discussion” (https://forums.snapshotgames.com/c/uncategorized/1).

@Valygar, maybe a little mistake?

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They also added Patchnotes into main menu recently, but that, of course, will help you only after you update.

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