Legacy of the Ancients: Details

I had that idea as well, but maybe power armours and super weapons don’t keep close company to Lovecraft. If Snapshot can go for a pulp adventure style with LotA, that’s fine with me.

And I have been discovering Darkest Dungeon, which has a proper spooky moody scary Lovecraftian atmosphere in spades, and I just don’t see PP going that route.

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True, and it’s fine. I just have to let go. PP is still a great game. :slight_smile:

Well technically there was an ancient race living in cities of gold in H.P.L. works, see e.g. The Mound, but I guess I agree with what you’re going for. The devs should seriously play Machina Arcana or something similar to see some cool Lovecraft art.
Even though the ODI wasn’t a great mechanic with its removal there is now even less tying PP and H.P.L. together. Basically it amounts to “Ah, they mention Yuggoth. Neat.”

Power armours and super weapons don’t keep close company to Lovecraft? :slight_smile: I didn’t play it, but it made me remember this game.

The Elder Things didn’t need power armor… they (literally) made the Shoggoths to do the dirty work.
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Sort of back-fired though… :thinking:

I kinda gave up on expecting PP to be dark. Actually, in recent survey I expressed desire for art style to be more colourful. PP is different that what I expected from fig promises, and frankly that’s fine. I think PP would require a pretty fundamental shifts in design (mostly gameplay) to make it more horror-like. At this point I think it’s better to embrace what PP is, rather then what one wish it would be.


Will we get new info or trailer? There are some few days left…

Ok, I wasn’t gonna say it, but I will… i absolutely HATED that plated siren. The only way that’s possible is if its a lackey of the ancients… then ok, but if the PV was created/controlled by the ancients in the DLC2 story, then I wish the story went for a more original route than that.

Liked the gorilla construct though.

Can I finish my current game first if the game updates to version 1.7?

Not necessarily, may simply be a Pandorian evolution of Ancient technology? That was my first thought when seeing the picture.

Any changes in the update shouldn’t prevent one to continue their current game.

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We will. :slight_smile:

If that was the case then PV should’ve started with plating against us as it had already fought the ancients thousands of years before…

Fair point, although Pandorians seem to have a particularly poor “corporate memory”. :grin:

When will we? :smiley:

It’s been said around here that the Lovecraftian body horror theme didn’t blend all that well with the evolving enemy gameplay. That said, I really like the idea of ancient civilizations and crumbling temples being watched by silent guardians, and I don’t remember any “Like X-Com, but Indiana Jones”, so curious to see what Snapshot will do with the premise.

Elemental traps and hazards are also a mainstay of the genre, maybe LotA could present those as well.


That is a cool trailer, but again, doesn’t tell us much about exactly what will be in the new DLC? What kind of missions? Will Ancients be a new faction? Are the green crystals Tiberium? (Yes, they are)

‘Body horror’ isn’t really a Lovecraftian theme. The basic premise is alien entities and races which predate humanity by millions of years, coupled with some inter and extra dimensional travel. Unspeakable horrors and architecture which baffles the senses is one of the tropes…I’d say Phoenix point borrows a lot from Lovecraft. The basic idea about pandorans is very reminiscent of the Deep Ones for example, the main plot theme is very Lovecraftian. The apocalyptic context is more of a sci-fi theme as are the factions and technology but, yeah. I would say that there’s much more than just a nod in the direction of Ry’leh and a couple of Easter eggs.

I am still excited more about Arial dlc. That will change so many things in the game. Most of not important things will be in play like all the bases and hangars. Many planes of factions, pp, ancients, and pandoras will be there. This will change all the game economy, game play and balance so crazy.

Ancients are long gone (cough, cough…). They definitely won’t create new faction. But we will discover some of their tech. :slight_smile: I suppose you will need to wait with answers for:

  • official statement what exactly there is included, or
  • @etermes sharing his knowledge here (I suppose that Council will be able to talk about it after release) :slight_smile:
  • and there will be also update to wiki (co-created by etermes).

But do you really want spoilers instead of playing yourself? :wink: