Should I buy legacy of ancients. Should i get back to PP

  1. Should I buy Legacy of Ancients? - is there enough new content to justify the purchase? The description is very vogue. Perhaps someone has a more detailed list?

  2. Are there many quality improvements since June? - last time I was playing PP it was unpolished and barely fun.

Yokes and the rest of “Community Counselors”, reading your previous posts you seem rather biased. Hence would be grateful if you abstain from participating in this thread.

Thank you all for your views!

  1. Basically:
    You get new missions with 3 new resources and 2 new types of enemies plus some new evolutions for the Pandorans. The new resources leads to 6 new weapons that are better than anything in the rest of the game.
    My personal opinion to this DLC:
    The DLC missions are difficult. I have to go with my best squad there and they have to be good experienced, so nothing for the early to mid stages of the game, the later the easier. But they are also fun to play. The main downside IMO is, that the story is not really integrated in the rest of the game. Someone wrote it pretty on point: When you’re strong enough to get these weapons you almost don’t need them any more and when you need them you’re almost to weak to get them.

  2. Many quality improvements are done but the game is still somewhat unpolished.
    You can only find out for yourself whether this is enough for you to have fun.

PS to your CC statement:
IMO, excluding the CC from any answers will not give you an objective overview of the game as it is right now. I don’t think that any of them is really ‘biased’, because very often they have opposing views to those of the developers.
At the end it is your choice to take serious what you get, but excluding them right away … not really fair.


No, PP still the same. Don’t think it’s good idea to spent money on it. At least till Steam release.

MadSkunky already provided the information you asked so I’ll talk only about “value”. I enjoy playing the game now, while not abusing the mechanics that still need improvement. It’s vastly superior to the release version, but I don’t know exactly what we got in June. What I can say is that some of the best improvements for me were made by the cthulhu and necronomicon patches.

Since you already have the game, you can try it again and/or watch some YT gameplay videos to get a better feeling about it.

About DLC2, since it’ll be included for everyone with the steam version, I think it may get improvements in its integration with the main game. So for you, it depends:

  • If you’ll get a Steam key in any way, just wait for it there.
  • If you’ll keep playing on EGS, and plan on getting back into the game, then it’s a tough call. On the one hand, it should not really be necessary because it’s DLC. It has some cool new enemies and thus it’s your call if you think the price is worth it (I don’t know how much it costs). On the other hand, IF it really gets better integrated into the main game, then I would call it a must buy, because probably the game balance will be improved around it being present.

All in all, I would say: play a bit of it again to see if you like it now. If you do, then consider waiting for the steam release to make up your mind about the DLC, unless it’s cheap enough to not matter.

Thank you for your feedback guys.

I spent a couple of hours playing the game.

Still unpolished, glitchy and with low replayability value.

Will wait for another couple of months before trying again.