Can anyone tell me when the Release Version keys will be sent out please

As title really, backed the game ages ago before Epic - I just wanted to know when the Release version keys were going to be sent out? Are they planning on sending them out on the 3rd, earlier - later?

I did receive BB5 on the Epic store with no problems but I’ve had some issues with all my emails going into the spam folder so I need to keep an eye on it.

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You will get your key before the 3rd. We just don’t know the exact date yet. We’re currently working through the lists for different backer keys so that we can send the emails. So hopefully next week.

The email will come from so you can whitelist that if you’re worried about it getting snagged by your spam filter.

We’ll also drop a post on our social media when we send out the keys, so you will know when to check your inbox.


Thank you, very helpful! :smile:

Looking forward to playing! :grinning:

Will those whom have pre-ordered from epic receive keys for GOG or steam? Or was that only for backers?

Steam/GOG keys are only for those who purchased before the Epic exclusivity. If you purchased from Epic directly, you won’t receive a key - they game will just unlock on your account.

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Thank you.

Will there be a pre-load of any kind on the Epic Store?

There is no planned pre-load.

I got a refund on my backers build when I heard it was going Epic exclusive. Now it’s a different story. I buy a lot of my games from Epic since I became very disappointed in the way steam was heading.
So I have pre-ordered the Ultra edition from Epic.
On reflection I wish I had stuck with being a backer, but at the time Epic store was public enemy No1, but now it’s the better option, and a pretty good store with very good free games. :slight_smile: Shame I will now miss out on my GOG key at the end of the year.

Curious as I don’t think anything changed on either side.

Though, people getting used to a new platform is an expected outcome. Resistance movements quickly go out of fashion.

Revisit the old Epic hate threads is quite a funny experience, so much rage and ChInAa is EvIillL!!! replies. But EGS is still in need some beefy update, I’m missing a “Write A Review” option so I can tell the whole world Phoenix Point, 10/10, would buy again!

Well… not every has principles or is a pighead like me.
I still won’t buy anything from EGS and I never will :wink:

Btw. I got every free EGS game since my registration -> more Dev money :stuck_out_tongue: , just as I said.
You can get those without installing the store.

PS: Just got the EGS key.

Yup, just got my base game key. :grin:

I’m guessing our Season Pass keys will come at a later date? Was kind of confused how the email talked about not applying it before base game key yet didn’t include my SP key…

If you qualify for the season pass, then the key you will have been sent is a package key that will unlock the season pass and the game.

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I activated the latest key from my email but it displays “Phoenix Point Preview” in EGS. Is that the right key or will another one be sent? And thank you!

The preview branch is the one sent to reviewers and content creators.

As I play the Backer Build, do i have to reinstall and re-input key, or will it update automatically ?

it is separate program with separate key. You can have BB5 and full release at the same time.

will the Baker build be removed from the library?