I still don`t get it (move to Epic)



I still didn’t get an e-mail with a key for BB4 =( Could you re-check that it was sent to me, please? My e-mail is the same one I used to register here


just to cross the 't’s and dot the 'i’s: the email will be from contact @ snapshotgames.com not xsolla; check your spam/trash folders for it; if it is a gmail account, check under promotions; if the email is different to the one associated with your method of payment, check that one.


Kings_Rook, thanks for advice. I checked everything, but there’s still nothing


In that case send an email to that address and they will be able help you that way


Oh, thanks. I didn’t get this idea by myself, as I didn’t found this e-mail address on PhoenixPoint site


you’re welcome


Quoting the EGS:
“Support the release of store titles in Korea, including local ratings and currently live free titles.”

Still no PP but something is happening at least :wink:


This seems odd to me for two reasons. One, when Metro Exodus was on Steam it was available in Korea, but when it moved to Epic, it was no longer available in Korea. Same game. Secondly, when it comes to regulations in Korea, these decisions tend to be made very quickly. As it is now, every major title no matter how gory is available on Steam in Korea. Considering that all the major AAA games that Epic has exclusives on are not playable on Epic in Korea although other games are, it seems to be a platform issue or proprietary issue rather than age rating.


The EGS was updated on April 15th. You should be able to buy Metro in Korea now :crazy_face:, theoretically.

I believe @UnstableVoltage if he says that this is an age rating issue. Let’s hope that this gets solved faster than the ability to upgrade a pledge :rofl:.