An issue with the game

Like pretty much everything on the epic store, the game is not available in my region. So I’m a tad confused on what that leaves, is this just a ha ha you’re screwed you cant play the next backer builds and you have to wait a year to even be able to play the game after release situation?

There was some information about Epic expanding to other countries. It is not pleasant situation but maybe in next few months you will be able to play BB4 or BB5. You should wait for @UnstableVoltage answear, because he said he will investigate this issue.

Void, same problem with me. I contacted Epic and got the run around and I replied directly to Julian Gollop here on these forums and got crickets. I gave Gollop my money when he said it would be on Steam and Gog . I don’t have the option to play the latest backer-build even though I’ve got the keycode in my email. I think it’s time to consider legal representation as this situation constitutes fraud.

man, that must suck real bad…

I mean I know why its not available in my region, and that reason will likely keep it from ever being available. Which is unfortunate but at the same time completely understandable giving the reasoning. I’m just more so curious if there will be a way to play without waiting as I have thoroughly and I will likely thoroughly enjoy it farther.