Back Build 4 (how to download from Snapshot)

I bought the game directly from Snapshot, received an email on how to upgrade to build 4, but only through Epic. How do I download directly from Snapshot? (sorry, i have not been able to find any info on the forums to do this.)


Phoenix Point is an Epic Games Store exclusive. The Epic Games Launcher is required to download the Backer Builds and will also be used for the finished game for one year from release.

But it says that Its not available to me on Epic. It shows up but its greyed out. I paid the 60$ from Snapshot, downloaded the Epic launcher, put in the code in and it accepted it but its unable to launch through Epic.

Please close and restart the launcher to refresh the library, then you will be able to download.

Got it. Thank you!

I’ve done this, now as well. Just signed up for an epic account.
I already have Backer Build 3 on my system.
The epic store is trying to sell me the pre purchase of Phoenix Point.
How do I tell Epic I already own the game so i can download bb4?

I’ve closed and restarted both Snapshot and Epic’s launcher multiple times…

Have you redeemed your Epic key on your Epic account via the launcher?

The only email I’ve received from Xsolla was February 9th.
Where do I get an epic key?

The email wasn’t from Xsolla. It came from on March 27th at 12pm Pacific. Please check your spam and promotion folders.

Oh, God, Thank You!

Not to imply that you, Unstablevoltage are God, by the syntax, so,
thank you, Unstablevoltage.

Were you able to locate the email?

Yarrr… haven’t done anything with it yet. Crying one year old.
But it should now.

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I have this exact same issue but my last email was on March 21st for the Volume 6 download, never got any activation key

The email will be from as opposed to Xsolla. It is titles “Your key for Backer Build 4.” Check in your spam/trash folder and if using a gmail account, under promotions. If the email address associated with your method of payment is a different account, check there. If all that fails, then send an email to