How to win without factions?

I think ODI is going to max out.

After the Antarctica mission, I completed some research and got virophage weapons and learned about yuggothian entity… And there is nothing obvious to do next.

Is there a walkthrough of the step by step for winning without any faction alliances… Or for that matter, for winning with them? The game does not make next steps always obvious, that’s for sure.



I had same situation so I ended up going full ally with a faction and that gave me the missions for final victory.

I would also like to know if it is possible to win without factions. I already dislike that you need factions so much for technology.

there is a go-it-alone ending. Just like how each faction has a research tech that locks you into an ending, there is one for the Phoenix Project as well. Specifically it is the Virophage Injector tech.

After you have the tech there should be a mission to complete the game. I cannot give anything more concrete as I haven’t gotten to the endgame yet

Alongside doing the Antarctica mission, you have to research (I have the researches on a text file at home so names might not match perfectly):

  1. Pandoran nest
  2. Pandoran lair
  3. kill a queen and research Pandoran citadel
  4. Maybe an other research like “Yuggothian Receptacle”

If I have my research tree kind of correct you have both pre-requisites to make the PP end game research “Virophage Injector”

Doing the game without factions means lots of reverse engineering and stealing research for some extra goodies. Also means that you have to wait for the factions to do some researches rather than doing them yourself much much quicker.

But is it possible without to steal or ally? Probably not I guess. I would have expect a PP true end, it’s not if it requires steal tech.

I do think it’s possible. By the tech tree that I have drawn from my two play-through, the path to PP ending doesn’t need any faction research. You need to rescue havens though to get rid of one nest & one lair and have the corresponding researches available.

All factions do is give you “better” tools (like piercing, paralyzing, …). Tritons do wield some faction weapons that you can reverse engineer. And Synedrion “gives” you a 9th base.

Guess I’ll try next play-through… in fact I think I’ll pause my legendary one to try that, but it’ll take some time (family), and I’ll still be recruiting infiltrator and priests.

No it’s not enough, I did what you wrote, but ok I have some other yellow entries at left that look quite minor but it should be one to unlock something.

I’ll try at least exhaust them all.

EDIT: I could also have a bug, mission to get 50+ with NJ didn’t trigger despite I had the dialog.

From my experience, you have to follow the PP scenario until you do the Antarctica mission.
In the mean time, you also have to research the various pandoran structures.
Then, it unlocks the ending for PP.

However, I haven’t done a campaign without being allied with all factions, so it’s difficult to know if I haven’t done a research with a faction that was a pre-requisite. So I really need to try, starting this evening.

What is a queen? I have cleared out a couple citadels, and killed and captured Scyllas. But nothing bigger than that.

Queen is Scylla. Sorry, it was the old name during Backer Builds.

Hi again,
I did the whole play-through while doing no faction mission and keeping them at 24 or under (of course I cheated to go this fast - by using the console with a mod on nexus for most of the missions but still doing some normally).
You don’t need to steal research either (at least in my play-through I could scan & go to Antarctica without it).

You basically have to follow the yellow stuff that is written in the top left corner. Easy !
If you want some spoilers, the research tree looks like that:

  • Atmospheric Analysis: see mist coverage
    • The Phoenix Archives: can have a hint on location of Phoenix bases
      • Oneiric Delirium Index: gives access to the DOOM tracker
  • Destroy Nest -> Pandoran Colonies: -
    • Destroy Lair -> Pandoran Lair: -
      • Destroy Citadel -> Pandoran Citadel: can scan for nests, lairs& citadels

With Oneiric Delirium Index & Pandoran Colonies:

  • Pandoran Capture and containment: can build containment chamber and build Neurazer
    • Siren Autopsy: some resources
      • Siren Vivisection: 10% damage increase
        • Pandoran Telepathic Nodule: some lore
    • Scylla Autopsy: some resources
      • Scylla Vivisection: 10% damage increase

Meanwhile we have the Symes story that we need to follow till the end:

  • after “Time Vault” mission, Antediluvian Protocivilization: soldiers 10% additional XP from missions and training
  • after “Antarctica” mission, Yuggothian Entity: know the enemy

After you have Pandoran Citadel, Yuggothian Entity, Pandoran Telepathic Nodule & Scylla Vivisection:

  • Yuggothian Receptacle: know what’s coming
    • Virophage Injector: END GAME FOR PHOENIX PROJECT

And of course, you have lots of reverse engineering to do (if you manage to find the weapons as loot). Capturing a Scylla with Neurazer is fun.

Something strange happened though. In lots of missions (rookie difficulty) I had very few Pandorans. Scavenging missions with 2 Arthrons and 2 Mindfraggers, a single Chiron or Scylla in a Haven defense, lairs or citadels with 3/4 enemies. I remembered my first rookie campaign as much more difficult.
I don’t know if it is due to the fact that I used the console to auto-win some missions that screwed the difficulty or if number of enemies gets bigger with your relation with factions.
Food for thoughts…

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Woo so well done, thanks. I was considering some missions as secondary but they aren’t in a flashy yellow for nothing.

I never took out a lair, only a nest and citadels. I bet that’s the problem. The final research should be available if the immediately prior step has happened, but for some reason it is dependent on all the steps happening? Maybe.

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