The Path to Victory?


I’ve been playing this game for a good 2 weeks now I think (3 days of play according to the Epic Launcher) and the end still seems far away. I’ve got most things researched, except for a few capture related things (eg need to capture a “psychic” enemy, and currently researching a captured Siren), and I’ve currently got 2 missions both next to each other, over in the US.

So, at this point of play I just want to beat the game, as lairs are really annoying to get through. Citadel’s are perfect fine.

So what do I need to do to beat it?

I’ve been seeing lots of posts of others beating the game. Did you completely stop taking on the lairs and just stuck to the missions? Stuck to research related Pandoran capturing?

The Chiron’s by the stage in the game I’m at, have that damn damage attack which just obliterates my troops. Just want to beat this thing. Oh and I have 5 bases currently. I’ve been everywhere in the World except for the middle and bottom halves of the America’s and Antarctica which I dunno how in the hell your supposed to get there. The current main mission I have is to locate and search an old Phoenix base. It just took me QUITE some time, to get enough squads and ships to be able to actively search around, whilst defending havens as well.

Since the game mechanics is not fair, Don’t play fair too if you want victory

Read that one already, which doesn’t answer my question. I agree that the mechanics are not fair. Game gets way too hard too quickly, and the lairs are just such a long slog to get through.

I love my X-COM-like games. Played through all the original X-COM’s, Xenonauts and the Firaxis X-COM’s and none of those took this long to get through. This is like playing that “Long War” mod for the 1st Firaxis X-COM (which I’ve not played, but read plenty about).

Guess l will come back later and write a full guide to all the follow players,how to beat the game

I’ve checked online and there is no mission list anywhere either.