Unlocking the last mission for one faction locks all others out

I completed all prerequisites for both the New Jericho and Synidrion ending (research and special missions).
I am still 100% allied with both.
When I go to the Pandoran Palace I can only start the New Jericho mission, which I unlocked first.

I read that it’s a research that do it, there’s one for each specific last mission, PP and each faction. There’s 4 research, one for each possibility, do one lock others.

If you finish the Virophage Injector research, you get to lose 75 influence with all factions and a message saying that war is unavoidable. So I guess the factions start to attack you. Seems like you are forced to do the Phoenix Point ending.

Though, I haven’t tried to continue the game and see if they attack or if it is possible to make my influence grow back with the factions to do their ending. Maybe with some time, you can recover and choose an other ending.

I haven’t yet done the factions ending but I guess that doing their special mission forces you into their ending.

you can technically do every factions special missions.
you can then do the final research wich upon completion says that a new mission is available.
that mission also shows up in the mission log (geoscape upper left corner).
but when you move to the mission location (it is shared between all endings) you can only start the first one you unlocked.
It also removed the other missions from the mission log for me.

Can anyone here tell which research is the “point of no return research” for each fraction? What is the trigger for an unchangeable ending?

Points of no return with factions
According to this thread, do a research lock to the corresponding end:

Phoenix: Virophage Injector
NJ: Project Nemesis
Anu: Liturgy of the Divine Flesh
Syn: Project Liberation


This info should be pinned somewhere on top of the page. Or better, said in game itself. So far, this is not obvious…


Took a little Bit longer but now i have got it. I have all 4 final Technologies available for research. Know i will research the First one and end the game, then the second…

The last fractions Missions are very cool as the fraction fight by your side :slight_smile:

You can’t finish all of them, but you can research them all and not finished any, then save and check all four ends with reload.

Thats my Plan… research one. Play the last battle. Reload, and the next one

For me it’s a bit wasted fun, better keep the surprise for a next run… But I ended be even more incoherent with that aspect by watching a video showing all ends. :slight_smile:

That’s not RPG end with many details changing, it’s just 4 different ends.

I do so because i want to make a break for some months until more Patches and DLCs are available…

Good luck, I can’t count the number of time I decided to stop play the game.

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It looks as if a faction completes their research before Phoenix Point opts for a faction’s research, one is locked into the ending for the faction that completed their research first.

I was hoping to be able to do the Synedrion ending. However, it took too long for them to get the Moon Launch built. By the time I got to Synedrion’s ending research, Anu had already completed theirs so I was locked into an Anu ending. :frowning:

I thought this was by design.

Obviously it is. However, based on this thread and other discussions it’s about the research the player opts for that locks the final mission. If one wants a particular faction ending, they also have to be careful not to trigger the missions that allow the other factions to complete their search first.

Yes thats correct. Therefore the best way is that you should be able to choose for which fraction zu want to play the last Mission… (if you have the requirements. Just a simple Pop up before starting the last Mission. Should not be difficult for a dev…)

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