Delirium index exploit?

Tried search, but couldnt find any post about this thing.

My first gameplay I researched delirium index very soon in the game…as its probably the intention.

Now I was just researching everything else and forgot about it, when I remembered, mist was covering a lot of map already. So I was thinking, if the % of delirium index will be 1% as it is when you researched it, or will it be more. As it turned out, it was 1%…Im somewhere around middle game I think.

Feels like a quite nice exploit you can use, when you dont research it :slight_smile:
Why would you research something which gives you only negative buff?

Maybe delirium index could be introduced into game after triggering some events, rather than research it yourself.

  • first nest found, too much mist covered etc.

Otherwise, I dont think you have to research it :slight_smile:
or if you have to (havent finish the game, I was slaughtered :smiley: ), maybe you can wait until it is the right time and research it. It takes couple of hours anyway :slight_smile:

From the tech tree, “Oneiric Delirium Index” doesn’t show as a direct dependency for any research. However, it may trigger events (apparition of nests) that are necessary for end game.

If you didn’t get any nests until you searched ODI, it may be an oversight from the devs (you’re supposed to search it quite soon). It enables you to first explore the whole map (and find Phoenix bases) before starting the real war.

I want to be helpful but my memory is getting hazy on this right now since it’s been a while since I’ve played, but I did leave some notes from my last campaign…

Day 5

  • image

Day 22

  • image

So it’s not required for nests or anything and it didn’t start at 1% when I researched it at Day 22. Also I’ve noticed in most campaigns (but I don’t have notes for any others) that it starts going up from 0% at about the 3 week mark as long as I’m successfully countering the early nests.

I don’t think ODI research does anything other than show the Doomsday clock and I firmly believe it’s a waste of research time early on.

Also I thought the Phoenix Archives (as well as maybe the Symes Retreat mission?) is what enables the Phoenix Base hints?

Edit: Yes somewhat, it turns out I recorded that too! (I did some editing here to shorten my colorful note taking)

Day 2

  • (RESEARCH) 0700 - after overviewing the report (I think that’s referring to Phoenix Archives), located Symes Retreat on the island of Crete - phoenix base hints revealed: closest being somewhere in Western Europe

So I guess they come at the same time.

I found phoenix bases without the ODI, also nests, lairs, citadels…
I just know, that ODI gives penalty to your soldiers (stamina, dmg health?) as its rising.

I didnt notice anything else that I was missing from my previous gameplay. Everything was the same, except the frustration from “doomsday clock”.
Which is why I asked, if it wasnt better as an event which triggers ODI, rather than research it. In first playthrough probably everybody will research it, because they dont know what it is…, but I dont see the point of researrching it, maybe in late game, if its needed. :man_shrugging:

Could be a bug or normal. At Easy it seems plausible to have 1% in first parts of middle game. In general delay this research gives no guaranty, I did it and hadn’t ODI at 1%.

Try I don’t remind if it was a research requirement, I believed it, but not sure.

According to this thread, it is a requirement for PP end:

But eventually the player didn’t bother counter check without research ODI. Myself I tried counter check a few final elements, and it gave nothing the requirements was right.

For other ends, I think it will block them too if it blocks PP end. That said, it could be delayed a lot even if a requirement for ends.