How do I stay neutral?

I’ve seached on the forum, reddit and other points and never found specific info on how to stay neutral and at what point you align yourself to a faction.

My first run is a neutral run but im not even sure if it’s still neutral since it’s so vague.

I accepted the first diplomacy mission of the techphiles (synedrion) but haven’t done it yet.
Am I still neutral?

At what point do you become aligned to a faction? (Is it once you’ve become allies with them or as soon as you’ve increased your diplomacy standing once? (supportive).

During a neutral run, is it possible to be supportive of several factions while still remaining neutral?

First run neutral without any faction interaction seems so boring and dull…

you become aligned with another faction after you complete the 75 rep diplomacy mission. you can end up aligned to all three factions (though it is very difficult) and once they start going to war with each other things get very difficult to maintain the relations

As for being neutral, that’d mostly be staying out of inter-faction conflicts despite your relations to the various factions

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I’ve heard that you can’t stay neutral, and that at some point you will make enemies and have to pick a team to back. I’m still new at this so I could be wrong. (I tried very hard to be neutral, but it seems like the groups all hate each other and when you help one group you piss off both the others.)

You become allies based on your diplomacy score with a given faction. If you have very few points they don’t really trust you. Reach a certain level and they will allow trade. Still more points and they will show you the locations of all of their havens on the map. Next level they give you research (awesome) and at true “alliance” level you can even research their whole tech tree. You need to complete their diplomacy mission to progress beyond the lowest levels of friendship.

On the other hand, your score can be negative too. At some negative level they will stop trade with you and I assume would eventually go to war with you if you pissed them off enough.

If you can’t stay neutral you wouldn’t be able to have a 4th ending, you might’ve misinterpreted my thread, kinda hard for me to not be vague myself if everything seems quite vague for me as a newcomer

The Phoenix Point specific ending, as opposed to the faction specific ones, does not require any particular relations level. You just need the research to get there, be it from sharing or stealing.

You can be aligned with two of the factions and at war with the third and so long as you do the phoenix point tech that leads to the end game instead of the faction ones, you’ll get the Phoenix ending

Oh, is that actually true? I assumed you needed to ally to one of them.

What research unlocks the other endings then?
Specific ones?

The game trailer said it best “Join a faction, do not attempt to survive on your own” pretty much sums it up.

not at all but you’re entitled to your own opinion. I just want to achieve every ending.

3 playthrus is all you need to get all endings haha

Is there a specific research / faction that changes your ending or does it unlock after you’ve gained all researches from specific faction?

there is a specific tech for each of the endings that once you finish brings you to the end-game. This thread has them listed behind the spoiler tags

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