How to reach Antartica

Hi all!

I’ve tried to reach Antarctica from the southernmost PP in Argentina with one of my Manticore aircrafts in order to investigate the site where the Living Weapon AR should be, but I keep being advised that my aircraft is not able to reach any Antarctic POI within range.

Should I manufacture or steal an Helios or a Tiamat, in order to achieve my objective, or is it a bug and I should be able to reach Antarctica even with a Manticore craft only?


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If you activate the base in southernmost of South-America (should be southern Chile, Cape Horn) and build a Satellite Uplink then it should reveal at least one additional POI on the Antarctica side to get a bridge over there also with a Manticore.

Section of my map around Cape Horn - Antarctica:

In my many campaigns I always had one POI close by and so never an issue to get there even with short range Manticores.


I’ve heard players complaining about not being able to get to Antarctica with the manticore in the past, and even argued that it should always be possible, at least in rookie/veteran.

I don’t know if the game always provide this path nowadays or if @MadSkunky was just very lucky :slight_smile:


Maybe :wink:

They shifted this base in South America to the Cape Horn, before it was more in the north and AFAIK that was the reason to get no path sometimes, but of course I’m not entirely sure.


Yes, my Geoscape do actually show the second POI shown in your screenshot, in my case a Synedrion Haven I’m aware of since I’m allied with them, but not the Anctartica’s most northern one yet.

Most probably due to my Argentinian’s PP base having been activated only recently and not having a Satellite Uplink yet, I think… I’ll have to check it this evening.

I also had trouble with this issue recently, so I build and used a Tiamat, which has a long range reach. Not the best solution maybe, but it works

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I believe they added a base in Antarctica. Setting up a satellite there works as well.


yes, that was my first idea too, but before spending so many resources on a Tiamat for flying to Anctartica only (even though I think it will become more useful later on, for moving around an eight-members-strong team) I’d rather have tried a less expensive solution first, if available. :blush:


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Yes, I saw the anctartic PP base; that’s another excellent idea!

Tiamat was always fastest solution: slowest, but has way increased range of operation.

I have tried activating Antartica base, building radar, but even with that, Manticores were not being able to reach it. YOE 1.9.2

Have you activated and build radar on both, Cape Horn (south America) and Antarctica?
I can’t believe that there are no POIs in between.

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There are some on Antartica, but they does not help as they need Antartica base scan to be useful. So I dont see “easier to reach Antartica” fix in practice.

No, but looking at time involved to activate, repair and scan, stealing Annu ship seems way faster *as mentioned near Antartica mission can pop up quite early.

Increasing the Manticore range would be a solution (or best of all ships, speed and capacity are still differentiators)

I would rather steal a Helios than a Tiamat, for me way more useful, fast and with the second best range.

On the other side, for me it is mostly worth it to activate almost any base, at least when I’ve researched the Pandoran Citadel which reveals Pandoran bases in scanning range of PP bases. Then I have a way to handle the massive heaven attacks easily: Simply destroy any panda base that arises.

Oh, and generally I don’t steal aircraft … or research, resources nor doing sabotage missions. Of course I did that also in the past, but currently not longer. Getting friendly with everyone as soon as possible seems to me more effective in the long run.

Maybe per research, and then for all aircraft types and not only the Tiamat (Advanced Tiamat Development). The researchable speed upgrade with the Moon mission preparation also affects all aircraft of any type.
Both are more late game research, so maybe something for the mid game?


Only the speed, not the range (moon base). Talmat is essential also since it only one has even increased range research in future, but your choice is also good.

If that is your campaign goal, then good. But when playing as more experience player, targeting one fraction and playing balanced raiding (raid resource, research or plane, do 3 nests or single heaven defense to mend, do again …) gives a quicker access to needed stuff :slight_smile:

Essentialy, early in the game, stealing one plane is recommended for faster scouting points of interest and thus getting more resources and as early enable of second squad. With one or two factories production time (not the cost) of your own plane really puts game dynamics down. My complain also is that it drives you to steal.

Do no other harm, and in time, you will be allies. I do acknowledge that each raid puts off time to progress to alliance, but it anyway wont be achieved for all fractions at same time.

Advanced Tiamat Development:

Anu Tiamat range has been increased by 25%

Normal range of the Tiamat is 4000 km, with this research 5000 km:
… but only for the Tiamat, that’s my point.

How early do you steal the second plane?

After 1st week?
Then you are faster.

After 2nd week?
Then I’ve already build the second Manticore + 1 Scarab and pretty sure all 3 faction on 25% (which is very difficult if you go against them early on). All heavens revealed means plenty of points to fly by for trading, heaven events and more POIs. The third Manticore or probably even the first Helios is build in the third week, inclusive Scarab’s to fill up all 3 aircraft.

I tried all these and the only way for me to be more effective was to abuse raiding, sabotage and aircraft stealing one after another what also was very tedious. Only doing that when it doesn’t hurt too much the factions was not that effective for me.

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Hold on right there mister!

That really depends on RNG!!! We’ve discussed this before so I’ll not go into it again.

Same thing!! This depends on having 50% with synedrion, if you don’t get their havens nearby or they’re not attacked, no deal!
I don’t really remember it well by now but… I had a run where I forwarded my Syn rep really fast because pandas were attacking only them in the region. Even so it still feels to me very lucky to have a helios BUILT (not stolen) by 3rd week… but maybe my memory escapes me.

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After 2 weeks it must be very much bad luck, but you’re right, it could happen, though never for me …

It depends of course how the start is, in South America I highly doubt that this will work well and the Helios is of course only possible when aligned to Synedrion. I got this pretty often but of course, maybe just luck. If not then I build a Manticore or simply wait until I get all this done. The third aircraft is not THAT important, even when it is ready early February all is fine. The second one is the critical part.

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Nah, South Americans have to live with NJ, for some strange reason, they thrive there, just like Annu are more likely in Africa.

I think it is totally random, in my current “Long run” Anu is heavily in north and south America, NJ in nothern Asia (my start) and Europe and Synedrion mostly east Asia and also Europe. Africa had all of them scattered around.

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Might be another RNG, but is heavily unbalanced and it greatly, maybe even decisively decides the “game direction”

However, in most of my games, NJs tend to appear more in America, Annu in Africa. Synd in Europe and Asia :slight_smile:

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