Antarctica problem

Well, just wondering if anyone has any advice.

I’ve gotten to late game and have some missions in Antarctica however, even with a Tiamat and only two Anu havens remaining on the world map (which are very hostile) I cannot seem to reach the location.

I was thinking about stealing the research for 25% range increase for the Tiamat however both remaining havens have no research centers.

I’m at a loss, as I want to see the endgame for NJ though it seems I’m at an impass.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Find a way to reach the lower tip of South America.

Do you have sites to reach south end of South America? There is PP base. Another PP base is on Antarctica. Activate them both and scan areas. They should provide you with sites to travel there.

I’ve reached the tip of SA, and on Antarctica there’s a destroyed haven with my Tiamat’s circular indicator for travel distance just barely touching it, however when I try to travel there I’m told there is nothing in range of the SA PB.

There is nothing closer, and the PB at the base of SA has concluded its scan.

I’m stuck.

Welp, forget this thread -

Just bought the new DLC and started a new game.
Hopefully I’ll have more luck this go.

Thanks anyways guys.