Unable to reach Antarctica..HELP

I have the Anu ship with the large range and from the lowest point in south America I started a scan (I am 99% sure I unlocked the longer scan range) I can see a Syn base in Antarctica and the range for my ship sits right on the center of this but I cannot move there.

I have now done 2 scans from the lowest point in Antarctica but no points of interest show on the map even though this reachs there.

I saw a walkthrough on youtube and when they reach there they did exactly the same as me but on the tip of Antarctica they were given a point of interest and could go no problem.

For me there is no point of interest and the Syn base is not able to be reached using an Anu ship.

Can someone please advise as I cannot reach this - I opened up the Syn tech which I believe gives me the large scan range and the scan I run covers the top of Antarctica.

Larger scan is actually a New Jericho tech (if I remember correctly).
Though it would be nice if going to Antarctica was possible with a Manticore and only PP research (no increased Tiamat range, no increased scan range).

So basically, all points of interest on the map should have an other one in “Manticore range”. It seems that depending on your (bad) luck, you have to resort to using a Tiamat and use factions research.

Bug ? Oversight ?

Yeah I went with Syn at first and opened up there tech at 50% then switchced to NJ and I am alligned with them now so have quite a bit of both their techs I can access.

I stole a Tiamat and that is what I am using at South America, its range goes quite far into Antarctica and just reach a Syn base but I still cant get there and despite having both the long range ship and increased scan range I cant get to either the single Syn base or get any ? to show on the map after scans

I have all the ships from each faction some built and some stolen but none are able to get me there.

I was going to try another scan tonight and might take a picture of this to show the problem

Ah so you get increased range on the Anu? I guess at over 50%? the problem is they dont like me much I was going with another faction.

It is strange though as the video on youtube I watched they got a point of interest on the tip on Antarctica and I dont.

You can steal a research (Advanced Tiamat -> +25% range on Tiamat)

OK sounds like a backup plan is there any indication on the base there is an advanced one there? The only problem I have is being quite late game there is not a lot of their havens left but I will try this tonight.

Ah sorry see what you mean - I will try doing that