Cannot Reach Antarctica

In the current game I have found that there is no location for flight transition to reach Antarctica. I assume this is due to random placement of spawned locations. I attempted with the longest range aircraft possible and still cannot reach it (4000/Anu). This may halt this playthrough since I cannot get to the Antarctica story mission (have not finished any playthroughs yet though due to freezes so if there is another way to complete the end I have not discovered it yet though I will keep trying).


Seems really strange.
Just asking the obvious question … have you scanned the area in south america to get closer and closer to antartica ?
Usually area scan is big enough to find at least something you can travel to.

Antartica is mandatory for the “Phoenix Point ending”, but I don’t think it prevents “factions ending”.


Conducting the scan was the first thing I did at the southernmost location. This was located almost at the tip of the continent and the scan reached the Antarctica land mass. It did not reveal anything on the edge of that mass to key travel. There was a destroyed faction base on the mass with the story mission location but that was closer to the center.

After that I attempted utilizing the Anu carrier as it has the longest range. They were still out of range. That is why/when I added it to the Bug Reporting Forum. Below is a screenshot I created for your reference with the scan highlighted.

Additional caveat. I am aligned with all but one faction. It is possible that this faction has something in range of transport that has not been revealed and therefore not accessible for travel purposes.

Strange that your scan has such low range. My scan went quite far on that peninsula on Antarctica landmass. There should be some point by default, no matter which faction you ally with and what is your standing with each of them. Btw scan reveal all sites no matter how is your diplomacy going.

Yeah, professional deformation. Always ask the obvious, you never know.
Strange, your only hope for Antartica is the Anu research that makes Tiamat range 25% bigger.
I think there is also a research that makes area scan bigger but I don’t remember which one.

@Yokes and @pantolomin

I guess I need to find the scan increase then. I did just get the Anu +25% range since the last post so I am slowly working my way back to it again.

I do realize about the scan showing everything. I was specifically speaking earlier to the faction giving you access to all their sites once reaching a certain level of trust. I am currently in progress of stealing as much as possible from Jericho since they are at war with me. Perhaps the scan increase is there. They other two are allied/aligned so I have all their stuff already.

Happy Holidays to you both.

Happy hollidays. Joyeuses fĂŞtes.

Manticore can’t get anywhere, it has a really low range. Steal Tiamat from Anu.


I attempted the Anu carrier (Tiamat). Appreciate the thought though.

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as far as I know the research on the item you acquire is required to unlock the “final solution” research options from the factions.

so I don’t think you can skip it.

Turns out the tech increase to scanning allowed access to the continent (just barely).


Congratulations! :grinning: :+1:

It’s probably intentional. Antarctica is probably an important endgame location so it’s locked off most of the time by deign.

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To get the 25% boost to scanning range, it is a New Jericho research called “Satellite Uplink Research”.

So you can have it in 3 ways:

  • ally with New Jericho (75%) and research the tech early
  • share research with New Jericho (50%) and you get it once they finish the research
  • steal it by raiding a research center

I hope that they don’t expect the begginer to think about stealing the tech from New Jericho to advance in the game.

I don’t remember if I did have the tech last time I played when scanning to go to Antarctica (I think I had the bug that reveals all the locations so didn’t even need to scan).

That was how I obtained it (Jericho theft).