How to reach Antartica

It happened to me in 2 of 3 campaigns :stuck_out_tongue:
One of them was south america, only one anu haven in the entirety of the Americas (it could’ve been synedrion). The other was north africa, there were very few NJ havens in the entirety of Europe, Asia and Africa. The few that existed near me, didn’t get attacked… this was the campaign where I quickly allied with synedrion because pandorans mostly attacked their same base in the beginning.

As I have already confirmed, it’s just a lot random.

But you can influence a lot by drawing the right conclusions.

For example:

  • Start in South America
    => Even stronger focus on a second aircraft, if necessary you can steal one.

  • No Haven attacks on a faction, but with which you want to improve your relationships
    => do sabotage missions for this faction.

  • etc …

In my opinion, insisting to not act aggressively against the factions is as little a solution as exploiting that. I think there is a “golden path” in between these two extremes.

That’s very logical and I agree there are paths. However, I want my roleplay immersion :slight_smile:
In retrospect though, the south america campaign was my first, and I didn’t understand the game mechanics yet. I didn’t know I could up my rep with sabotages, I didn’t even try them because I became afraid it would hurt rep too much and I wanted all the tech. Also, I didn’t know I wouldn’t find any Anuses (couldn’t resist!) anywhere in the Americas until I explored it all, and that took very long, being my first campaign.

  1. If you don’t know, why are you replying? :astonished:
  2. @MadSkunky like myself, looked at the map, and found the pathway, by staging Bases along the way. :wink:

Because I wanted to. Isn’t that reason enough? :wink:

Ok assuming you’re not being a jerk and there’s some language barrier here, I’ll explain: what you did is not a proof of anything, you just verified that in your specific campaign that happened. In the past there were conversations here about this, some campaigns had a manticore path, others did not, and users were wanting to know if that was a feature or a bug. This is also exactly what the OP wanted to know.

In my post before the sentence you quoted, I said:

So I wanted to bring up this part of the discussion again too.

You stated that, without clarifying what your language of choice is. Mine is English.

If being a jerk is showing people where they need improvement on in observation and critical thinking. then I proudly wear that badge.

Just don’t. We have a great and respectful community here, let’s keep it that way. You don’t need to reply to this, let’s not continue.

Back to topic:

It seems to me that there is less random in this case than suspected. In my current campaign I also got this POI on the other side of Cape Horn, so no problem to reach Antarctica with a Manticore …

... as you can see in this screenshot:

My 2nd Manticore is selected and I can reach all havens and POIs down there.

Essential seems to be to activate this base at Cape Horn, southernmost South America and not the one on Antarctica, this would not reveal the one essential POI on the tip of Antarctica to South America.

It looks like that this POI is exactly at the same position as in my other screenshot from an other campaign.

It may’ve been made mandatory in some patch… although this is what we don’t know for certain. It may be always there or more common, and it may also be affected by difficulty.

However, it was a common problem before we had base scanning. Now it seems that, at least in Veteran, we always (?) get the cape horn node AND the south of south america base within manticore range of the cape horn node, which wasn’t true before.

I guess we’ll only know for certain if someone in the council has already asked this before and knows the answer.

Cape Horn is a PP base and AFAIK the bases are fixed, they are also on the Geosca-Peek in the wiki and so the cape horn base should also be fix.
In all of my attempts since they have introduced these bases they all were always at the same places, except the one base I got from the Synedrion 50% mission (the Pirate king), this one is pretty random placed (but I assume it has some predefined locations where it can be).

I think, you mean the POI on the tip of Antarctica?
Here I’m not entirely sure, but well, 2 screenshots and I’m pretty sure that it was always there in my many campaigns Edit : since the bases changes (I defenitely have to much time in this game :rofl:).

If they’re fixed now, and the node on the tip of Antarctica is always there, then they’ve fixed the problem, at least in Veteran.

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Ok, when having both base in Latin America and Antartica, there is easy connection point, so you can reach it even with basic aircraft.


I repeat. What Language is your primary one?

You response demands a response. Yes we do have a great community. However, you failed to address my question, with this deflection.

If this has been such a horrendous bug. Why wasn’t it reported in any Gamezines, or earlier herein? :thinking:

In over 300 hours of playing this. I have never not been able to reach Antarctica. This goes back to the Release date of the 1st DLC. There has always been a way to get there since at least that far back. You just had to find the route.

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It was, several times:

In general I never had a problem to reach Antarctica, but there was a time when you couldn’t always do that with a Manticore because the distance was too great. Then I just used a Helios and that’s it, but it was still annoying.

The devs wouldn’t have changed it when it wasn’t an issue, don’t you think so?


I rest my case. :wink: The way is there for all. They just have to be willing to find it. :clap: :vulcan_salute:

Thanks to all of you for the info provided in this thread. I appreciated your efforts very much! :+1:

Having activated a few days ago the Horn Cape’s PP base, and then built a satellite uplink there, I can confirm now that, in due time, its satellite scan will uncover a previously unknown POI located in Antarctica’s northwestern “tail”, allowing therefore even a Manticore aircraft to reach Antarctica.