Arctic mission and 66% ODI, am I behind?

Well, actually right now only 37%, and my Anu ship in Mexico, but the problem is I need about 14 days to reach this Arctica point with all scans needed. I found only one possible way to do this through Argentina.

And I have only one trained squad, so if I go to this mission I gonna lost a lot of heavens and after my test ODI is 66%. If I send my ship back to main base in Europe I will lost even more time.

Btw when I defend heavens can’t see ODI decrese. Even when I destroy few lairs didn’t notice decrease numbers.

By Arctic did you mean Antarctica?

If so, which path are you taking? Phoenix? Anu? New Jericho? Synedrion? We need more detail. How’d you manage to only have 1 squad trained and get that far? I’m about 2 steps off where your at. Got 2 good squads (1 maxed, the other is 3/4 there), 3rd just entered battles and a 4th still putting together but has had some battle experience. In my case I got ODI on 16%, since I’ve been saving every Haven within reach from Pandoran attack then taking out the bases once revealed. And playing on rookie.

As for the Antarctica mission. That one can be a real bitch to get through, unless you have the right gear due to the Chiron combo present. When I attempted it last on my veteran difficulty attempt, I couldn’t get past it. Was 1 explosion Chiron and 1 Goo one, and 3 Siren’s every single time I tried it (I kept reloading to try for better spawns). I gave up there. If you can dash over to them and alpha strike the Chiron to oblivion then you should be fine. Otherwise your screwed.

I play on Legend and have 74% Aligned with Anu (so it means I take Anu path?).

Didn’t train second squad because not interested at all in doing procedural missions which gives me zero story content.

Then your screwed is the quick answer. If your looking for story content per mission, this is not the game for you. No XCOM style game has that. If somehow you get past Antarctica. You have the following steps ahead of you:

  1. Research “Temple of Eanna” / let Disciples of Anu research it
  2. Complete “The Schism” mission (Optional)
  3. Research “Yuggothian Entity”
  4. Research “Yuggothian Receptacle”
  5. Research “Pandora Key”
  6. Research “Liturgy of the Divine Flesh”
  7. Complete “Hack The Planet” mission

In my current campaign, I used an unmanned aircraft to scan down to the tip of South America. While I kept my units busy elsewhere. This allowed me to reach the Antarctic mission with non-Ani aircraft and still be productive.

I did similar, except not unmanned. Went to the tip of South America then scanned, which picked up 1 “?” spot over in Antarctica. Then had access. Made sure I got that done very early on, since in my current play through I started out in the U.S. Compare that to my 1st where I started out near India. Big difference.

Playing Legend I completed Antarctica mission with ODI 61%, my first base was next to Alaska, in Rusia, and I didn’t care about America until mid game.

I didn’t use Tiamat aircraft, just Manticore with A Team scanning from Canada (I didn’t have other bases south of that position in this gameplay)

Piece of advice, a second Squad is important, scanning, maybe defending some havens and getting side missions, they will get SP, after training for a while in your bases they are ready, you have to let them kill some crabs, make their way. You can use 9 squaddies for your last mission

Bottomline, I completed Legend with 2 Squads, ODI 88 after enjoying irrelevant mission like Project Vulture and Byzantium, scanning every spot, every scavenging plcace except two, I completed them for fun, my final mission was with Synedrion, ODI 81-83

Is capturing Pandoran’s essential to victory? Or can that be skipped?

You can’t skip every vivisection, you need a Siren, check this:

other vivisections and autopsies will provide weapons, modules, bonus…

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Ok. Interesting. That’s been updated since I last looked at it.

I thought one also has to capture a Scylla to progress to the end.

Only for Phoenix last mission, The Last Resort

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What? The Yoggothian researches aren’t necessary for all ends? Seems odd to me …

You need Yuggotian Entity for New Jericho and Synedrion

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OK, that seems logical, the Anu probably don’t need these information.

Is it really possible to scan places withouth a manned craft? It can be empty?

Yes, an empty aircraft can scan, just not explore. I often use empty aircraft for scanning and trading.


When I first ask my question I mismatch one of the previous mission with Antarctica because it was exact at same place…

Now I reach exact to Antarctica mission and I have 87% ODI and 2h6h left to complete Temple of Eanna research. I have a lot of labs to speed up everything, can I win or not? I still not complete Antarctica, just reach it, so I don’t know how much time I need for all this researches.

Just did some calculation, after Temple of Eanna complete there’s 93% ODI and I have only 2-3 days left. Seems like impossible. Maybe I can build more labs and defend some heavens until this, but defending heavens decrease ODI only for 1%, wasting my time and resources, this is why I didn’t create second squad during all campaign.

According to this research tree:

You didn’t need Antarctica mission, just Temple of Eanna, Pandora Key yes and Telepathic Module and the Schism mission and final research Liturgy of the Divine Flesh

Great scheme! But don’t understand one thing, if I see 3 arrows it means I have to do all those conditions or only one of it?

For example if I need Virophage Injector I should do all three condition including Receptacle, Virophage Weapons and Telephatic module?