How does paralysis work?

I researched alien capture and built the containment room and a neutralizer.

First try: a Mindfragger wounded and bleeding: dash, hit hit got the message paralyzed, it stopped moving around but he remained awith his animation where he moves his funnel head. After some turns he died

Second try a crab wounded and disarmed, no MG, but not bleeding; maybe i lost the paralyzed message but after the tenth or so hit he died, probably killed by the needle wounds.

Questions are:
how you know looking at alien status that he is paralyzed? he doesnt fall down limp like in XCOM

paralisys is permanent or he will after some turn wake up? just not to have a paralyzed worm wake up and cook my team that wasnt overwatrching in his direction

This is what I have worked out so far on this, they will still bleed each turn which is why it died, also each time you hit it you take health so you can kill it if your not careful! there is a “number count” in green showing the value of the “paralysis” for a crab man to be held you need that to be about 24 points! under this and he can still retaliate! As for the worms you need to be very careful as they die easy, also it does wear off and I had one explode on my man, not good. It should be one hit done till the end, but it is not, it is just made very complex and difficult as you must keep track of it every turn and you can kill it to easy. So here is the strategy I use to get them, you need to decide who your going to get (what creature) and wait till the very last round (try not to kill it before this) then when everything is taken out (except your choice) run up to it and hit it till the turn ends, usually about two or three times depending on health of the creature. As soon as it is properly paralised the turn will end and you have your creature shown in the items you got from the round. It takes a little practice to work out for each one but it can be done, but don’t do it to soon as it wears off and you just wasted your time and you will kill it next time you want to get it. Good Luck!

If you go into the info panel for this alien, you will see his “PARALYSIS” status (count) and a “PARALYZED” status if he his. So if you missed the line when hitting him, you can still see it in the info panel.

You apply an amount of paralysis on the target (Neurazer applies 7 if I remember correctly, Athena rifle 12, Hera pistol 3). This shows up as a green counter near the alien’s life bar (or your soldier’s). Each turn, the counter decrements by one. You also see it in the info panel. Once you apply enough the target is PARALYZED, once the counter decreases enough, the target is no longer PARALYSED but can’t do a lot.

I had a soldier with paralysis status (7 applied by a triton who shouted at me and got shotgun return fire). My soldier had 1 AP less to move around.

If you don’t want your target to bleed, you must avoid disabling one of their body parts. That’s where the Synedrion Athena sniper rifle (30 damage, 60 piercing, 12 paralysis) and Synedrion Hera pistol (10 damage, 20 piercing, 3 paralysis) shine because you can select the body part you aim at and they don’t do much damage.

In a mission, I was paralyzing everone with Athena rifle and they wouldn’t do much (even not paralyzed), so you’re not forced to wait for the last moment but keep watching their counter. It seems to depend on the target’s HP (divided by 10) so an Arthron with 160 health means that 16 paralysis will lead to PARALYZED status, but it also means that with 13 or more he may not be paralyzed but can’t do anything else than moving (1 AP for pincer, 2 AP for machine gun, grenade or acid - only a guess for now) or return fire.

Once paralyzed is there a chance he will wake up?

I was at over 50% with Synedrion but now aliens in Mexico Gulf are wrecking havoc to all bases in northern America, i keep losing standing and cannot cross the Pacific to go there and help :frowning:

Yes, if the counter goes down enough. But it goes slowly, and even not “PARALSED” they still have the “PARALYSIS” effect running so they have less “time units” to run around and shoot. As I said, I had a soldier with 7 PARALYSIS on him and he had only 3AP on his turn.

OK but to end the mission with a win and a live alien i need to have him paralyzed and last survivor i guess

yes. he must have be paralysed to ‘skip’ his turn. if he has even 1AP you won’t be able to extract him

So here are the results of my research:
Arthron (120 HP) : needed 13 to PARALIZE (12 not enough), got “free” at 11
Fireworm (50HP) : needed 5 to PARALIZE, got free at 4
Siren (470 HP) : applied 48 to PARALIZE (didn’t test 47), got free at 46, moving at 45
Triton (280 HP) : applied 28 to PARALIZE, got free at 27, moving at 26
My trooper (210 HP) : applied 10 and he had 14/27 “AP” (in the info screen), so he could yellow move or shoot without moving.

So, as you see, the amount of PARALISIS needed to reach the PARALIZED status correlates with HP (divided by 10). That was the conclusion of @Yokes , now I can confirm.

As you can see by the test on my soldier, it applies on what the info screen refers to as “AP” (seems to be the speed attribute). In my case I had 27x10/21=13 less “AP”.
I applied 15 to the Triton from the test and it was enough for him to do nothing but move. 15 was enough to remove more than half is “AP” so he could not shoot his weapon.

The Siren could start moving at 45 but that’s all. I guess that all her attacks need at least 1 AP so applying 36 should be enough to make her very docile (of course that’s already a lot of paralysis to apply, don’t do this at home :wink:).


Arthron melee attack need 1 AP, gun and grenade need 2 AP, shield deploy 0 AP.
Siren all attacks (infect, acid, slash) need 2 AP, her paralysis scream need 3 AP, frenzy screem 1 AP.

The Phoenix stun lance DMG 100 Elecrtroshock 180 that i looted from a guy in a mission is NOT a capture weapon just a knock out one?

With 100 + 180 there are very few aliens able to resist a hit and counterattack the next turn; just wondering why i cannopt build it being Phoenix

I guess you need a research to build it and it has been left out of BB5.
To capture you need weapons with “PARALYSIS” capability:

  • PP Neurazer: 8
  • Syn Athena sniper rifle: 12
  • Syn Hera pistol: 3

As i tought; the stun lance is just a melee weapon with added shock, need to know if it’s damage or just stun, next mission i will know.

I have Synedrion neurotoxin tech, and a few other Syn techs like laser and the infiltrator that looks very cool at firts glance; i can now build the Hera pistol but not yet the sniper rifle, probably i need a better standing with Syn

Checked stun lance: it does 100 damage and it let’s say stunned the triton i tested it on. After the hit he had the white circling around the head and a strange behaviour:he didnt stay there stunned but, even if armed, at his turn he didnt shoot me but moved away a lil bit to hide behing a tree to be killed at my turn

Dont know if it’s related to his regeneration, but i remember a stunned crab, hit with the hammer, staying still where i hit him.

I stunned my troops to test and with “15 stun” I couldn’t do anything. It would seem that it removes AP but not sure about the mechanic. I guess you didn’t apply enough stun to remove all AP but enough for it not to shoot. Nothing shows in the info panel so it’s hard to tell anything.

From what I know stun always remove 75% of AP. So enemy will be left at 1 AP. If he doesn’t have an attack which takes only 1 AP then he will only move. You can’t stun him more or less. It is always 75% of action points. And stun attacks doesn’t cumulate. If one attack is too weak, you can’t expect two same attacks to work.

Of course there are different attacks which lead to stun effect:

  • Some (with impact) compare damage to max HP - these are usually to stun smaller enemies which have up to 250 HP,
  • some (electric) compare damage to current HP - these can stun larger targets, but first you need to deal damage to them and bring their HP to 180 or 200 points,
  • and some (sonic) compare damage to Willpower - damage is compared to current WP, but most of the time “15 damage” worked on any small target (all crawling bugs from eggs, and Arthrons), evolved Arthrons, Tritons and bigger aliens resist Synedrion grenade, untill you will decrease their WP or they will do it on their own.
  • and there is Bash ability (which probably should work as impact attacks) but it stuns all enemies no matter size and HP. :slight_smile: Except Scylla of course.

EDIT: changed sonic part - it is as straight as it can be

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Dont remember the STUN number i applied to the triton, but the weapon has Electroshock 180 compared to the Impact 50 of the hammer, different kind of stun

@Yokes told me that impact 50 can stun an unarmored target of 250 HPS maybe Electroshock doest have the *5 multiplier

Holly cow.
Thanks to all the discovery of the guys here. I appreciate it. Now at least I know a bit more about how it works.
Other than that I have to say this must be the worst game design for an xcom game in how to paralyze an alien.

Btw, do Aliens you paralize in a mission automatically go into your base or do you need to fly with your ship to a base first?

paralyzed aliens, like loot, are automatically shipped to a base

You can later on