How does paralysis work?

That’s also my understanding, electroshock has no link with paralysis, it is used to stun. I don’t think it’ the same equation than for paralysis.

For the lance, never had it, I supposed it is unlocked by some research. There’s a hammer with similar properties. And there’s a few other stuff with electroshock, as Infiltrator skill hit from behind.

The “Phoenix Shock Lance” comes with a Phoenix Point research that is unlocked by having:

  • Anu Berserker research
  • NJ Technician research

But it is worthless:

  • 100 damage (Marduk is 140)
  • 180 shock (Marduk is also 180)
  • 2 AP … like Marduk

Just to add some information, if you are greedy like me you will often find yourself out of enough rounds to capture the big guys. However, the required number of paralysis points will decrease if you lower the Will Points of the enemy. So you can kill small creatures before attempting to capture the big ones, in order to reduce their WP. Disabling some body parts and traits will also reduce their WP. If you have priests and psy operatives you can also target the WP directly using mind control, inducing panic, etc. Then, you will be able to capture the creature with just a couple of shots.

No. Disableing body parts reduces the maximum hitpoints BY reducing the Strength value of the creature(which is a simple format of max hitpoints divided by 10), which allows you to capture a creature faster… will points have nothing to do with this. What you might have though, is that when you disable a Scylla head, their will points drop … but that has nothing to do with the paralizing… except the heads Strength value, which is relatively small amount… considering the creature usually has 4000 hit points… (in the last patch).

You are right. Still, disabling body parts will lower the requirements. One can capture pretty much anything early on using a couple of pistols. The thing is, you should not waste paralysis on the creature before hurting it badly. Otherwise, it will take forever, consume a lot of ammo, and whack your team in the process.