Capturing Aliens !?

I just paralyzed a Mindfragger and a Triton. They wer paralyzed in the info box and the mission ended after I killed everyone else but them.
But when I return to the base I dont see them in the containment and also the quest on the left doesnt update.
Is it a bug or does anyone know why?

The paralized value decrease by one per turn.

If an ennemy have for exemple a resistance of 24 and you hit 3x 8 time, it will be paralized, BUT the next turn he will be 23 / 24, still unable to move (as it lower his max ap) but theoricaly not paralized anymore.
To prevent this, either make sure to paralize the guy you want once everyone is already dead, or, do like french police with yellow jackets. Keep tazing the guy once he is paralized to raize a little the paralizis level and gain some turns of peace :slight_smile:

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was your containment powered on? containment needs power to hold aliens.

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I guess the issue in this mission was that I tried to paralyze a “Spawnery” and after that the mission was over. Just that this game is so buggy that it will end the mission but it will still be uncompleted.
Now I have to do the whole cleaning again.

lucky you that your map let you get so close to spawnery, i have to bomb the heck out of it from far away and snipe it cause i get swarmed and outmanned otherwise. hit and run lol

still im wondering, is there anything to do with captured aliens like harvest or sell them or something beyond first reserach?

ALSO, something i think devs should know is that paralized enemies that normally would drop weapons when killed , rob you of the weapons which makes no sense (ex: tritonns)

you can break down captured aliens into mutagen in order to mutate your soldiers

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Yep, if you already have some mutation techs, you can go in your personal -> containment windows, and on the top right you can “disolve” captured aliens into mutagen for making muted soldiers (or mutog vehicles that only cost alien biomass) ^^

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thanks for ideas, i didnt know that, do you know how i would get that? currently i can only kill contained aliens

You have to obtain the tech from the Anu faction. (either bar being friend with them or raiding their researsh labs)

Their is 3 tiers of mutation tech, granted at 25, 50 and 75 % of love with them (once you completed their scenarised quests) if you want to be friendly, no special requirement as far as i know if you choose to snowball them, destroy their lab door and run with the usb key xD

Also, you need a specific room in at least one base (that came with the mutation tech) i cant recall the exact name nor have the game on hand but it’s something like “genetic room, mutation room” or a thing of the idea

thank you. anu is the one i havent progressed very far on. good to have something to look forward to for them

yep, some mutations are really cool, only downside is that they take the place of an armor (making unable to put an armor on the muted part).

Their “biological vehicles” however (not the transport pod but the ground ones) are really cool and scale far better in the late game than their mecanical counterpart from jericho or phoenix ^^

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mutog gain exp? I tried one of them but when i hit a crabman for 40 dmg with 2Action point attack i was shocked by the crappiness

Mutog don’t xp nope, but their is like a dozen of different mutogs, where some are extremly effective, some are almost useless.

Applying a 40bleed damage, or 80 poison, or some acid. Use their heavy tail to bash and stun etc, some are pretty handfull tools. Not neceserly in small units but with big targets.

They can use the little “pawn” icon (when the head’s “weapon” is selected if i’m not mistaking) that do decent dmg for 1 ap in case you have one spare ap.

Their strengh is mostly in regeneration that give 40hp per turn + 40 to part hp + their ability to heal from 50% of ennemy killed’s max health.