Alternatives to paralysis for capturing aliens

It’d be nice if there were some alternative ways to capture and contain aliens other than just paralysis.

Maybe even depending upon the alien type you might be required to find a different tactic.

The bigger the beast the harder this might be, this is just as a rough example:

Worms might be susceptible to both a stun gun or shocky sticky.
Crabmen might have strong resistance to a stun gun due to their armour, but be more affected by a shocky stick if you hit the right spot on their body.
Siren might be resistant to either of those, but susceptible to a gas grenade.

A triton, might you require you to hit it with two proton guns during the same turn in order to fully drain it of energy and then from different sides position it over a containment trap.

Oh I already asked why stunned, chocked, poisoned (add more valium!!!) and finally mindcontrolled aren’t captured?

Those are good too - At the moment it feels like the reason we’re capturing everything via Stun Guns is because in every other Xcom type game we’re capturing everything via Stun Guns.

Also it needs to STAY stunned until mission over once it is, having it wake up really is very annoying!