Mind control does not capture

I just had two missions where I mind controlled in the hopes of capturing but that didn´t work, just stating this as a head´s up, I am too scared to run up to an alien as in this run I avoided “dash” as an ability, I wanted to do a run without it. The only two I have paralyzed bled out before I could try to heal them.

Ooh, and you need line of sight to mind control in case anyone was wondering.


Yeah, it should really just auto-paralyse them once everything else is dead. It does drain willpower every turn so your soldier can’t hold them forever, so it makes a bit of sense that it doesn’t count as a capture. Especially if your current squad doesn’t happen to have any paralysing weapons.

To be clear, they are not aliens. They are mutants. :slight_smile:

Well technically they are beings created by/merged with an alien virus so that would make them… mutant aliens? :slight_smile:

Actually you know what, devs should add a stealth/ninja class for Pandorans so we could fight against teenage mutant ninja aliens

Already submitted a bug report, but thought I’ll just comment something here. Mind control from a mindfragger or siren does not break when you paralyze the alien. I really think you shouldn’t have to keep fighting one (or more) of your own soldiers after every last alien is either killed or paralyzed. Hopefully this will be changed in a future patch. Mindfraggers probably should drop to the ground (if attached to a soldier’s head) and stay paralyzed, breaking MC, and sirens should just break their current MC effects.

Paralyzation means inability to move. Their psychic/t-node abilities probably work just fine in that case. Depends on the means of paralyzation I guess.

From a realistic standpoint, yes. From a game standpoint, it’s a bad way of handling it.

Well I still have to disagree. There are several debuff options. Panic, body part disable, daze, paralysis… what would be the point if they all do the same thing?

Nothing says they all need to do the same, nor does thst mean there can be no overlap. The primary purpose of paralysis is capture though, and leaving psychic abilities in play when paralyzed can make it functionally impossible to do that. If you need a realistic standpoint, the paralysis weapons largely seem to operate on neurons, which would likely also affect psychic abilities. Either way, paralyzing an MC mob, and then playing hide and seek with your own soldier until it runs out of WP to maintain MC or bleeds to death just adds needless busy work.