Capturing Aliens

I’m just trying to understand how paralysis works. I ‘paralyzed’ an alien. It kept moving and actually attacked me the next turn; yet, after I won the scenario, I had him listed as captured and he is in my containment facility. So what does ‘paralyze’ actually do?

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btw it is different: Paralysis: 16 vs Paralyzed. In first case it is status which give you info how much paralysis units you have discharged on enemy. Second state informs about unit being paralyzed.


Still confused. Paralyzed a mind slayer. Two turns later, it died. Why?

@ags76 you must have disabled a body part and it bled out. It’s possible with the smaller aliens, even with the neurazer.

Hell, I even managed to kill a Siren that way, but that was my stupid fault for shooting it up first :smirk:

Thanks! That makes sense.