How do i buy legacy of the ancients

Hi guys,

  1. I bought PP for like c. GBP30
  2. I bought blood and titanium for GBP 4

I would like to buy the legacy of the ancients; how would I go about that?

  1. New PP year one edition costs GBP 29
  2. PP upgrade to year one edition costs (including both) costs GBP 12

I already have blood and titanium so i am not very happy to pay for it again.

One Year Edition upgrade is the only option.

It is not a bad deal. Ancients was more expensive then B&T (ÂŁ8). The upgrade will also get you Lliving weapons DLC and some goodies.

ÂŁ12 is slightly more expensive but not by much.

A bit stipid situation for old players, but that is what happens when now, Year One Edition is presented as only one. Upgrade price should be based on what player has.

Maybe if someone sells old DLC key, that could do the magic, but its now “out of stock”

Allegedly, M$ still sells it !?

Can anyone from Snapshot games chip in?

So I went to the website.

When i try to purchase upgrade it says USD 6.

When i log in and click on purchase it jumps to GBP 11.

Why is there an issue?

@Valygar should be able to help give some clarity.
@Valygar , this is a query about buying LotA separately.

TBH mate, my advice is don’t bother.
Wait until Festering Skies is released, then buy the whole package using the YOE upgrade (which I believe will include FS).

LotA isn’t worth the additional price, so you’re better off waiting for FS.

AFAIK the YOE doesn’t include any upcoming DLCs, so also not FS.
Not sure of course, but so I read this package.

Anyone form Phoenix Point can chip in on the topic?

Festering skies is being released in July (assuming no delays). I am on holidays now so i have time to play computer games. Once I start new job i wont have any time ;(

Yes. The packaging says “3 DLC” but it includes the living weapons pack. I assume Festering Skies will be sold seperately on top of that.

July? That late? May I ask when this date comes from? I thought Festering Skies to supposed to be released relatively soon aka. Q1 of 2021.

Hi, It is not possible to buy any DLCs separately anymore. You can buy only Year One Edition on Steam, EGS and GOG right now. If you own Phoenix Point without season pass on EGS you can buy the Year One Upgrade.

Year One Edition contains:

  1. digital extras (e-book, artbook, wallpaper, soundtrack, etc.)
  2. Phoenix Point base game
  3. Living weapons pack, Blood and Titanium and Legacy of the Ancients.

Year One Edition does not include Festering Skies or any other future DLCs (season pass does include all future DLCs).

So if you purchase Year One Edition it will give you all the things that you are missing. If you own PP base game and season pass it will not allow you to purchase the upgrade because you already have it and actually have even more (future DLCs). The price for Year One Upgrade is the same even if you are missing just some of the things.

About the Festering Skies release. July is wrong. It is planned for much earlier but I cannot be concrete.


Thnks for the info @valygar.
What I would say about Festering skies is tell the guys not to rush it.

LotA came out far too early in an unfinished state, and Orryx rolled out amid a lot of confusion.
Far better to take an extra week or so sorting out the wrinkles than releasing a half-baked product and then having to fix it on the fly - that’s what leads to a lot of the negative comments here and in reviews.


If one has the season pass but not Living Weapons, there is no way to buy the latter.


Living Weapons is no big DLC and there is no reason NOT to include it to season pass buyers. Its surely not one of 5 big DLCs. Its not a desire for free upgrade but for leveling up to current YOE release. Its quite unreasonable to push them to YOE upgrade price - which is expensive just for Living Weapons.

Hope some solution can be found.

Similar policy with Fallout 4 resulted in big lawsuit. Surely the explicitly said “all DLC content”, but again, its something that is reasonable for what is called “Season pass”

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Thank you for your response.

Do you have any comments regarding pricing? When clicking on the buy now the price doubles (as per screenshot). Can you advise how can I buy the upgrade at the advertised price?

The problem is that people who own both Blood&Titanium and Legacy of the Ancient cannot buy Living Weapons pack, even if they were willing to pay for YOE upgrade. Adding Living Weapons to Season Pass wouldn’t quite address the issue, as it still leaves out customers who bought DLCs 1&2 seperately.

Perhaps Snashot should just make Living weapons free for everyone? Afterall, you either own it, or you cant buy it. And for those few who own vanilla PP only, it is not a big givaway, as they still need to buy YOE addon, to get access to DLCs 1&2.

As @Valygar has written:

As I am googling it, the price of the upgrade is £11.99. I also don’t know why the price on screen shot is displayed in $. Whatever it is, it’s wrong currency and wrong price, unless you try some shenanigans with region pricing and Epic falls for it on store page, but not on checkout. If you are not happy with the price, I would suggest waiting for a sale - especially once later DLCs are available for purchase, the upgrade is likely to be discounted at some point in the near future.

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Thing is, the Living Weapons pack was originally marketed as a reward to Backers of the original Fig campaign - much like a Kickstarter Exclusive. So I fail to see how not including it is somehow bad faith on the part of Snapshot.

Probably that was their original plan, but it holds not for long and it was also for purchase before the YOE switch and for that not really exclusive for backers:

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I never accused them of bad faith. If I were to accuse them of something it would be a poorly thought out repackaging.

  1. Early during the fig campaign I inquired about “backer exclusive” DLC as I am ideologically opposed to cutting off game content for marketing purposes - no matter how insignificant. The answer was that it will be a timed exclusive, and will be available 3 months after release for purchase for everyone. This was added to PP’s fig FAQ and can be found there to this day:

  2. Living Weapons pack was available for purchase as standalone DLC after release as promised, and from the very beginning was included in more pricey packages

  3. Living Weapons pack is still available for purchase as part of YOE upgrade.

As such, I don’t believe it is Snapshot intention to forbid anyone from purchasing it. It’s just the way Epic Games Store is set up to handle YOE upgrades that makes it impossible for selected few to buy this particular item. I see no reason why they shouldn’t try to address that in some way. I have no horse in the race. As early backer I got YOE on GOG anyway. Still, I know how frustrating it can be to have a part of the game unaccessable for silly reasons.

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