Help with Expansion Pass

I would like a help with a Expansion Pass problem. After buying it, the only DLC that I can manage is Festering Skies. The Blood and Titanium and Legacy of the Ancients do not appear. Clicking on it in game leads to a page in the store where they are unavaliable.
I had only the base game, prior to buying the pass. And I’m on Epic Games Launcher.

Expansion pass includes DLC 3 (Festering Skies), DLC 4, and DLC 5. DLC 4 and DLC5 were not released yet so you will get them automatically once they are released.

DLC 1 (Blood and Titanium) and DLC 2 (Legacy of the Ancients) are not included in the expansion pass because they are part of the Year One Edition (currently you can buy only Year One Edition).

If you bought the base game in the past and want to get DLC 1 and DLC 2 you need to get Year One Edition Upgrade: Phoenix Point: Year One Edition - Upgrade - Epic Games Store

This upgrade will give you: DLC 1 - Blood and Titanium, DLC 2 - Legacy of the Ancients, Living Weapons Pack, and Digital Bonus Content

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