Only had base version of the game, cant get blood and legacy DLC

I got this game at the very start (backer build) before any DLC, recently found the game again and saw there was a year one edition and a expansion pass now. So after a while I buy the pass and download the game again on epic. When I come in I find that the two dlc that was in year one (blood and titanium and legacy of the ancients) not being active on my account. I then click on them and they lead to dead pages on epic and so on.

So am I supposed to have those two dlc or can I just never get them?

As I was about to post this I did a check, I did actually back this game with platinum edition and got a mail once that I was getting all 5 dlc for free, and I only had the first dlc now before I bough the pass for dlc 3-5 that should also be free for me.

Thanks for any help if anyone knows something about this. Do I have to contact the devs here?

Wait for @Valygar answer.

If you were backer before Epic deal then you should have access to all DLCs for free. You just need to ask for it when they will ask you about e-mail and receipt or such things.

I’m not sure what can you do with that recent purchase.

Alright, I will wait for him, thank you :slight_smile:


I checked your purchase and it is Platinum Edition purchased on April 2019. This edition includes only Living Weapons not other DLCs.

Platinum Edition: Digital product key for Phoenix Point, includes Alien Living Weapons and Armour DLC, digital art book, ebook and soundtrack, and Early Access.

If you want Blood and Titanium and Legacy of the Ancients DLCs from the Epic Store there is this: Phoenix Point: Year One Edition - Upgrade - Epic Games Store.

Ah, so I backed around a month too late to get the season pass aswell, as in the mail it says before march 12 gets it, bummer.

Well that explains it, thanks for the help and answers.